Distributed Enterprise

Distributed Enterprise Solution Overview

Businesses around the world have found just how easy it is to deploy ClearOS. This simple platform provides the framework to convert existing equipment into scalable and hybrid systems. ClearOS delivers over 80 IT functions to your growing business, all managed from a simple, web-based user interface.

ClearOS includes the core functions that all businesses need to ensure a safe user environment when accessing the internet. It also includes features and functions that have seemingly been beyond the budget for small organizations; providing enterprise functionality at little to no cost. When building a ClearOS solution IT's all about choice. If you plan to use existing hardware, you have the option of a self-supported or fully supported solution. If you're looking for a turn-key solution, select a ClearBOX appliance and reset assured that your system will be solid for years to come.


Green Box

Clear IT Out

Managing your organizations IT can be simple, affordable, and easy to manage. With ClearOS, the need to manage multiple servers, combined with separate firewalls, content filters, routers and other necessary systems becomes centralized to one box. You can even set up a second system and easily configure it in a Mission Critical Failover mode, providing a cost effective & highly available solution.

A Turn-Key Smart Server

You've watched the device in your pocket become smarter and smarter, why has your network closet remained dusty and antiquated?

ClearOS is a smart platform that turns an ordinary server appliance into a Smart Server. An industry first, ClearOS features Marketplace. The ClearOS Marketplace gives you easy access to over 80 different IT functions, combining open source technologies and projects and 3rd party apps and services.

This simple platform is the most robust hybrid server ever. With ClearOS you decide what features you want and just as importantly - which features you don't want. We don't believe software should have bloat, so it's modular and personal. This optimizes the system by only installing the necessary packages for features you need. This allows existing hardware to do much more than it has historically, and allows new hardware to be lean and mean. ClearBOX appliances run at an average of 40 watts of power, cutting consumption to 1/10 historical usage.

Marketplace Bottom

Affordable IT

If you are like the average small business, you've probably realized the complexity and cost to acquire and maintain multiple systems and mixed software applications. Not only is it time consuming and frustrating, it can be painfully expensive. From multiple points of failure, to software compatibility, to per-user fees, the server rack has been the source of headaches and expanding IT spend for small growing organziations.

ClearOS provides a solution eliminating those worries. Now you can replace your businesses old server rack with one simple device, one operating system, and one intuitive interface with no "per-user" fees. Optional ClearBOX appliances can also consolidate power, allowing you to reduce IT spend while increasing arriving pre-installed, pre-tested, & increasing overall uptime and stability.

Advanced Network Security & Protection

Every business needs protection from objectionable content for its users. ClearOS provides advanced content filtration and UTM features that will make any network secure. Manage your users with flexible groups, access controls, white lists, black lists and greylists. ClearOS also delivers powerful contextual analysis, banner ad blocking, frequent updates, and port controls.

In addition, the ClearOS solution comes loaded with antimalware, intrusion protection, and monitoring tools to ensure you have a clean, controlled, and secure network.

Cloud Managed IT

ClearOS was designed as a simple to deploy, scalable hybrid platform. This platform delivers a simple and scalable solution tailored for small businesses. Whether you deploy one server or multiple servers all is managed from it's award winning Webconfig web-managed console. Webconfig was designed for any skillset or ability. This allows redundancy and simplistic training on IT management for your growing organization. Each IT layer is managed from the single interface. Server, Network, Gateway, Cloud & more, all packaged in one simple interface.

Complete Network Transparency

Whether it's for CIPA, HIPAA or any other compliance or regulatory requirement, with ClearOS it's easy to identify who's consuming the bandwidth and where your users are spending their time. IT administrators need to be able to quickly and accurately monitor the network. ClearOS provides multiple levels of transparency into bandwidth use, sites visited, disk consumption, resource usage, health checks, intrusion alerts, backup & update status and more.

One System. One Solution. One (Hundred +) Functions.

With ClearOS your business can now easily choose what features you want running in your environment. The ability to mix & match and scale your systems functionality is unmatched by any other system available. Businesses globally are enjoying the simplicity and benefit of centralizing system complexities to the only Hybrid IT Operating Platform, ClearOS.

    Cloud Apps

  • Dropbox®
  • Google Drive® Sync (coming)
  • Microsoft Office365® Connector (coming)
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Dynamic VPN
  • Remote Security Audit
  • Remote Data Backup
  • Remote System Monitor
  • Google Apps®, Accounts Sync
  • Antimalware Signatures
  • Antispam Signatures
  • Content Filter Blacklists
  • IDS Signatures

    Network Apps

  • Bandwidth & QoS Manager
  • 1-to-1 NAT Firewall
  • Custom Firewall
  • DMZ Firewall
  • Egress Firewall
  • Incoming Firewall
  • Port Forwarding
  • Network Map
  • DHCP Server
  • DNS Server
  • Multicast DNS Server
  • NTP Server
  • RADIUS Server
  • SSH Server
  • UPnP
  • OpenVPN
  • ibVPN
  • PPTP Server
  • IPsec VPN
  • IP Settings
  • Multi-WAN
  • Upstream Proxy

    Gateway Apps

  • Gateway Antiphising
  • Gateway Antivirus
  • Kaspersky® Antimalware
  • Content Filter Engine
  • DNSThingy
  • Web Access Control
  • Web Proxy Server
  • Web Proxy Auto Detection
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Intrusion Prevention System

    Server Apps

  • MariaDB Database Server
  • Directory Server
  • Microsoft Active Directory® Connector
  • Google Apps® Connector (coming)
  • Antimalware File Scanner
  • FTP Server
  • Flexshare
  • ownCloud
  • Photo Organizer
  • Plex Media Server
  • Serviio Media Server
  • Windows Networking (Samba)
  • Advanced Print Server
  • Greylisting
  • IMAP & POP Server
  • Mail Antispam
  • Mail Antivirus
  • Mail Archive
  • Mail Retrieval
  • Kaspersky® Mail Antimlware
  • Roundcube Webmail
  • SMTP Server
  • Zarafa® Collaboration (exchange)
  • Web Server

    System Apps

  • Master / Slave Synchronization
  • Administrators
  • Groups
  • Account Manager
  • Account Import
  • Password Policies
  • Users
  • User Certificates
  • User Profiles
  • Software RAID Manager
  • Storage Manager
  • ClearOS Business Marketplace
  • ClearCARE Support

    Reporting Apps

  • Bandwidth Viewer Report
  • Disk Usage Report
  • Log Viewer
  • Network Report
  • Network Visualizer
  • Process Viewer
  • Resource Report
  • SMART Monitor
  • Events & Notifications System (coming)
  • System Report
  • IDS Report (coming)
  • IDS Viewer (coming)
  • Content Filter Block Report (coming)
  • Antimalware Threat Report (coming)
  • SSH Access Log Report (coming)
  • Remote Audit Log Report (coming)
  • Penetration Testing Report (coming)


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Not AvailableI'm so impressed with ClearOS and ClearBox. I'm the IT manager of a small non-profit org and I was able to effortlessly setup our email, shared calendar and file server with little prior Linux server experience. My questions were swiftly addressed by Clear support and the forums are an ...Not Available
Kendall Forde
Not Available
Not AvailableWe have had GREAT success deploying, managing and monitoring Clear Box 300 for our clients. we have been testing them with several types of clients from small shops to shops that run very large online marketing campaigns and serve several sites for customers. They have proven to be very reliable ...Not Available
Jeff Green
Not Available
Not AvailableThe ClearBOX hardware, ClearOS and applications combination we acquired from ClearCenter cannot be beat for price or performance. We would certainly purchase from them again.Not Available
Ken Hawkins
Not Available
Not AvailableI am so impressed with the support engineers at ClearCenter. I called with an urgent problem and the team at ClearCenter did everything they could to get me and my company back up and running quickly. I look forward to working with them again.Not Available
Bradley Hagan
Not Available
Not AvailableWe are very happy with the ClearOS solution for our customers. We have been using it since 2004.Not Available
Manuel Hernandez


On Premise | Private Deployment

ClearOS Professional allows you to deploy your server, network, gateway and more privately; keeping your data protected from outside entities or big brother duplication. With over a hundred apps and services available for your on premise network, ClearOS allows you to simplify your network while improving efficiency. This demo server is pre-configured in this way, providing file, print and mail as part of your On Premise, Private Deployment.

On Premise | Hybrid Deployment

As new Cloud Apps & Services become available the simplicity of deploying great system functionality is easier than ever. Sometimes the ease of deployment comes at a price of managing these new systems with existing or on premise infrastructure. ClearOS Professional's ability to integrate these technologies provides a simple hybrid solution. Simply select the cloud app from the ClearOS Marketplace, for the cloud systems you wish to deploy, and your ClearOS server will connect to these technologies. This allows them to be integrated easily into the on premise server.



Off Premise | Private Deployment

ClearOS Professional is available in many of the leading IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) environments. Select a hosting provider and provision ClearOS Professional as your central (master) node. Additional on premise systems are easily connected to this master node, receiving policy, and mirroring user data between sites & systems.

Off Premise | Hybrid Deployment

ClearOS Professional is available in many of the leading IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) environments. Select a hosting provider and provision ClearOS Professional as your central (master) node. Then, navigate to Marketplace inside ClearOS to select any cloud service provider apps you wish to install. This will ensure your ClearOS server is the master node to your cloud directories such as Google Apps. Additional on premise systems are easily connected to this master node, receiving policy, and mirroring user data between sites & systems.