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Not AvailableFor reliability and cost of ownership, it is difficult to match the ClearSDN platform.Not Available
Date of Posting: 29 July 2014A. Thomas
AllThingsIT Inc
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Not AvailableClearCenter has allowed us to implement everything that we value in an IT solution - LAN security, file sharing, email and backup - all without having to become IT experts ourselves!Not Available
Date of Posting: 29 July 2014S. MacEwen
BluePointe MS Inc.
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Not AvailableMercy Corps was looking for a software-based Internet server solution for their remote offices, to leverage local hardware vendors and support. ClearOS registered to ClearSDN is now being used in these remote locations with great success.Not Available
Date of Posting: 29 July 2014D. Carter
Mercy Corps
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Not AvailableWe've used and installed ClearOS (formerly known as ClarkConnect)since version 2.1 (~8 years?). Used it in many customer sites with VERY few problems. The support department has been quite helpful the few times we've needed them. One thing our clients love is that ClearOS has features generally available only on expensive (read multi-thousand) dollar appliances for only ~$80/year. I'm looking forward to the release of the ClearOS appliance. I feel confident it will be another great product for us to offer our clients.Not Available
Date of Posting: 29 July 2014om Grant
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Not AvailableWe have used ClearOS (formerly known as ClarkConnect)as a simple web proxy here at my office for 8 months to keep employees from getting viruses and malware. It has really made my job easier. I went from at least 1 virus removal a month to none in the last 8 months. That speaks volumes for the quality of the product and the savings we have experienced in IT resources. The system has increased overall company productivity as well because the employees do not suffer the several hours of down while IT removes the bug; but also because they cannot go play and waste time randomly surfing as much as they use to. We can now control where they go directly while indirectly protecting their PC’s from malicious sites and advertising that consumes their attention and time. It has been a real WIN WIN and we are excited about making ClearOS (formerly known as ClarkConnect)our gateway and multi-application platform as it will help us reduce operating cost (i.e. fewer servers saves electricity and it requires less man hours to maintain the network) and give us one platform to run many of our server applications/functions on. On a personal note, I have used ClearOS (formerly known as ClarkConnect)community edition at my home for nearly 2 years. I stumbled onto your company when I was researching how to protect my kids from the big bad internet. I came across the open source Dan’s Guardian... and then through searching found your product. I use it at home to protect my children from pornography primarily and most importantly; but I also use it as a gateway/firewall, file server, dydns for my remote access, and I have toyed around with the web server functions too. All in all the package is very stable and has way more features than I have used so far.Not Available
Date of Posting: 29 July 2014George Miller
David Crotts & Associates, Inc.