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Not AvailableWe love it!Not Available
Date of Posting: 29 July 2014Fernand Jonker
Futura GTS
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Not AvailableWhy use WINDOWS!?Not Available
Date of Posting: 29 July 2014Benoit Vezina
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Not AvailableSimple and Reliable. The main job is managing the services of a small business. Whether deploying a network, server, gateway, firewall, mail server, run a site, or all together; it has never been so easy, fast and reliable as ClearOS (formerly known as ClarkConnect).Not Available
Date of Posting: 29 July 2014Fabian Blanco
Mutisia - Innovaciones Tecnológica
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Not AvailableI have been a customer of ClearCenter (ClarkConnect) for 10 years. The simplicity and services are great because they are integrated as part of the server.Not Available
Date of Posting: 29 July 2014Paul Leighton
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Not AvailableWe have been installing and maintaining the ClearOS (formerly known as ClarkConnect) Operating System for over 6 years, and it has proven time and time again that the it is suitable for both the SOHO and Corporate environment. When we had a need to contact support, we found them to be extremely helpful and go beyond the call of duty. For just over a year now we have moved to a managed service model and find that the ClearSDN platform complements our offerings fabulously. It has everything that a small business sever could ever want plus more and we would strongly recommend without any hesitation that you give it a go.Not Available
Date of Posting: 29 July 2014Alan Lawrence
IT Managed Support