ClearCARE Overview

While there are those who pride themselves on their ability to self-support their IT environment, many organizations and individuals prefer (or require) access to professional support services. ClearCARE is ClearCenter's technical support subscription designed to meet the needs of a wide range of budgets and support requirements.

ClearCARE support is grouped into three categories - Level I, II and III. Each category progressively increases both the technical competency deemed necessary to satisfactory resolve a technical support incident and potential time (and urgency) that may be required. For clarity, the three levels are defined below with examples of support incidents which would qualify.

ClearOS 7, Business Edition
Support Type
  • Per Incident (up to 1hr)
  • Level I: Break/Fix Tickets
  • Level II: Troubleshooting Tickets
  • Level III: Consultative Tickets
Communication Type
  • Email Support
  • Remote Login Support
  • Phone Support
  • Initial Response Time
  • Support Availability
  • $349
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • $349
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • 1 Business Day
  • 10-18:00 EST (M-F)
  • -
  • 4 Hour
  • 10-18:00 EST (M-F)

Evaluation Support:

ClearCARE Evaluation Support is tier 1 / level 1 tech support, designed to provide assistance installing ClearOS for the first time. This support includes basic technical support for modules configurable via the Webconfig management console only (no command line).

Customers were enjoy having an engineer answer general questions while downloading, burning, installing and navigating through the install wizard on ClearOS. The ClearCARE team is there to help get you into setting up your ClearOS server and ensuring you understand what each module can do to help your IT needs.

If troubleshooting support is needed for a technical issue, Level II support may be required ($+), and a hand-off may occur however the ClearCARE team strives to understand your issue upfront and ensure you connect with as few of engineer as possible in order to quickly learn, diagnose and act on your support needs.

  • How do I burn my ISO to be bootable media?
  • What directory type is best for me needs?
  • How can I set up groups and assign content filter policies?

Level 0 Support:

This includes presales and basic user ID support. Our customers that need help with passwords, bug fixes, sales issues such as invoice and payment questions, or general product information. This is available on all ClearOS 7 Business Editions and there is not charge for Level 0 support.

  • How do reset my password?
  • What are the difference between the ClearOS 7 Business Editions?
  • I don’t think this product is working as designed (bug)
  • I need help with a quote on for a product or service?

Level I Support:

Includes email, remote login & documentation reference support for qualifying apps (see Marketplace Support Policy below). Server, Network and Gateway features that can be configured from Webconfig fall under the scope of Level I support.

  • My employees on the road cannot connect to the PPTP VPN server. How do I configure my server to allow remote access?
  • I would like to share documents between my engineering and sales teams. How can I create a private share?
  • Is there a way I can import 150 users without having to add each one individually?

Level II Support:

Provides technical support for more advanced features or configurations of the server, network and gateway. Implementing features not exposed via the ClearOS Webconfig UI but can be achieved through the installation of core-software or making configuration changes via the command line form the bulk of Level II support requests. The recipient of Level II support from ClearCenter either has general knowledge of Linux, networking and manipulating configuration files or agrees to allow remote access to qualified ClearCenter support team members to perform required changes.

  • I would like to install ClearOS in a RAID 5 software do I do this?
  • I've run out of hard disk storage - how can I move users home directories to a separate disk?
  • I have 2 subnets - one for data and one for VoIP. How can I prioritize traffic through the gateway?

Level III Support:

Level III support is reserved for technical support incidents where it is difficult to scope the duration of time an incident may take to resolve or require an individual having an extremely high skill set - beyond that of team members handling Level I and II requests. Upon client approval, a support incident that has been categorized as Level III will be escalated to an individual on our sysadmin or software development team or within a trusted network of ClearCenter technology partners. End user will work directly with one or more individuals assigned to this issue until a mutually agreeable solution is found.

  • I would like to compile a driver, FooBar, for kernel X.Y.Z. Please assist.
  • My organization requires a signed SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority like Verisign when accessing mail. How do I go about doing this?
  • One of my HDD just failed in a RAID I array. Can you help me rebuild the new disk and get my array in sync?

How Can I Subscribe to ClearCARE?

ClearCARE is included with multiple ClearOS Subscriptions. You may refer to the chart above which illustrates levels of support offered for ClearOS 7, Business Edition (also available for ClearOS 6, Professional Edition). You may also contact sales to discuss upgrading your subscription level if you're running a self-support license, which may save money if you foresee needing support on an ongoing basis.

Creating a Ticket

To create/log a support ticket, login to the ClearCenter user portal and open a ticket. All tickets must be initiated via the portal, however, once your ticket is logged, email replies can be made from any mail client as long as you keep the subject (containing the ticket reference number) intact.


Consulting Services

At times our customers ask us to go beyond support and require a services engagement. This is typically when a customer needs ClearCenter to perform tasks that would normally be considered customer responsibility under our ClearCare support offerings. This may be due to skills gaps or just resource limitations. This is delivered on a consulting basis at a hourly rate varying between $275 and $400/hr, depending on the estimated duration, complexity and skills required. An invoice with rate, scope and completion time (based on availability and scheduling) will be provided and paid prior to job commencement. Once the services are agreed to, the ClearCare support system will be used to communicate with the customer and track the progress.

  • I would like to compile a driver, FooBar, for kernel X.Y.Z. Can you give me Please assist.
  • I would like to have you configure my system and get it up and running and help me set up the appropriate policies.
  • I would like you install and test my High Availability between two systems.

ClearOS Marketplace Support Policy

ClearOS is designed to be an open platform, allowing users and 3rd party developers to leverage and extend the functionality of ClearOS in the role of server, network and gateway. While this diversity and policy benefits users, ClearCenter must invoke a support policy around each app entering the Marketplace, commiserate with various factors such as:

  • our technical knowledge with the underlying software
  • stability and history of the software/app
  • relationship and business agreements with vendor (if applicable)
Marketplace Bottom

The ClearCenter support policy is clearly defined in the Marketplace when browsing for apps to install. It is also available, by default, on the configuration page inside the ClearOS Webconfig. The denotation of whether an app is covered under one of the delivery methods done by way of a color-coded legend. If a method is 'greyed out', the method is not available to the end user as a mechanism for receiving support.

Public Forum Support - Casual

Developer or organization may occasionally browse the ClearFoundation community forum or other designated public forum to provide assistance for an app. There is no committment or obligation to provide free time/resources for support in this manner. Forum response times to posts will vary.

ClearFoundation Forum Support - Dedicated

Developer or organization will make best-effort to assist users via the ClearFoundation Community forum in a section dedicated for this app

Developer/ISV Support

Developer or organization provides a service to submit and track support tickets through a web service or email. For specific details on the scope of support, conditions, hours of operation, response times etc., please view the app details section in the Marketplace.

ClearCenter Professionally Support

ClearCenter will provide professional support under the conditions appropriate for the paid support subscription this system is subscribed to. All new support incidents must be initiated via the ClearCARE support incident report.

ClearCenter Consulting Services:

ClearCenter engineering may provide technical support for this app on a consulting basis. Please contact our sales team with your support scope/request.