ClearOS 6 Community


ClearOS Community Is Open Source

ClearOS is the original and worlds best IT Operating Platform. ClearOS seamlessly integrates many disparate technologies using the best in open source projects. This provides a simple, powerful, & easy-to-use platform for the server, network, gateway & other layers of an IT environment.

Installing and using ClearOS 6 Community automatically enrolls you into the open source community and allows you to participate in code testing, beta apps, technologies, and bug reporting.

If you're a linux expert of like to tune and fix things both in an interface and at the command line you'll love ClearOS 6 Community. If you are an app developer and want to build your own app in Marketplace, you'll love ClearOS 6 Community. If you're just looking for something pure and open with no commercial add-on's that you can self-support, you'll love ClearOS 6 Community.


Keep Tabs On The Edge

You've got a lot of traffic moving through your gateway device. ClearOS Professional will ensure that traffic is the right kind of traffic whether it is coming in or going out.

Antimalware Updates
Content Filter
Gateway Antiphishing
Content Filter Updates
Gateway Antivirus
Premium Gateway Antivirus by Kaspersky
Web Access Control
Intrusion Detection
Web Proxy
Intrusion Prevention
Protocol Filter
Intrusion Protection Updates

Get Control Of Your Network

Now you can have all the pieces of your network in the palm of your hand. Manage bandwidth, DNS and internal security with the simplicity of a stable web-based interface.

Dynamic DNS
DHCP Server
IP Settings
DNS Server
NTP Server
Bandwidth Manager
Network Visualiser
SSH Server
1-to-1 NAT
ClearCenter Dynamic VPN
Custom Firewall
DMZ Firewall
PPTP Server
Egress Firewall
Web Server
Incoming Firewall
Port Forwarding



A Complete Server That Does It All

ClearOS Professional gives you the flexibility you need to set up and manage any kind of server you need. Whether it's a Print Server or a Web Server, it's easier than ever before with ClearOS Professional.

Active Directory Connector
Directory Server
IMAP and POP Server
Advanced Print Server
SMTP Server
File Server
ClearCenter Antispam Updates
FTP Server
Premium Mail Antivirus by Kaspersky
Google Apps Synchronization
Windows Networking
Zarafa Professional for ClearOS
MySQL Server
Zarafa Small Business for ClearOS
Web Server

Enterprise Grade Security

Protect your network with all the security features you need. ClearOS Professional keeps out unwanted viruses, spam and hackers.

  • Antivirus - Keep your entire network safe by filtering viruses at the edge
  • Antiphishing - Protect your network from malicious links
  • Intrusion Detection - Filters all traffic at the gateway
  • Contextual Analysis - Intelligent analysis based upon page content
  • L7 Protocol Filter - Analyze packets and filter IP, port or protocol
  • Access Control - Apply time based restritions to users &; groups



Get More Control Of Your Bandwidth

Ensure all of your internet connections are used and managed appropriately. Keep your Users in check by applying bandwidth rules that apply to users or groups.

  • File Scanner - Scan your filesystem for viruses
  • MultiWAN - Couple and load balance multiple internet connections
  • Bandwidth Manager - Manage bandwidth usage to ensure access for all
  • Network Analyzer - See which users are consuming the most bandwidth

Robust VPN Features

Get one of the most complete VPN systems. Make your network act as one even if you are running remote offices in different parts of the world.

  • Dynamic VPN - Utilize IPsec VPN to manage dynamic IP addresses
  • OpenVPN - Provide secure remote access to your local system
  • PPTP VPN - Set up your VPN with a PPTP connection



  • antimalware_updates
    $ 60 /yr

    Antimalware Rules

    The ClearCenter Antimalware Updates service provides daily signature updates in addition to those that are freely available from the community. Research shows small businesses experience, on average,...

  • antispam_updates
    $ 60 /yr

    Antispam Rules

    A typical organization with 20 employees could lose upwards of $4,000 / year in lost productivity sifting through and filtering out spam that made it to their inboxes. This app ensures the antispam e...

  • content_filter_updates
    $ 100 /yr

    Content Filter Blacklists

    Studies reveal the average employee spends 75 minutes per day using office computers for non-business related activity, costing employers thousands of dollars per year, per employee. If you are a bus...

  • dnsthingy
    $ 99 /yr


    DNSthingy gives you granular control over each user's Internet experience. The following features can be applied network wide, or on a device by device basis:

    • Block ads (even on mobile device...

  • dynamic_dns

    Dynamic DNS

    Dynamic DNS is an app that works with ClearCenter's Service Delivery Network (SDN) to continually update a system's IP address to a static hostname (for example, Many ISPs...

  • dynamic_vpn
    $ 100 /yr

    Dynamic VPN

    The Dynamic VPN app is an extension to ClearOS's IPSec VPN app. The service allows IPSec to be used in situations where either one or both of the gateways are on a dynamic IP address issued by the IS...

  • google_apps
    $ 125 /yr

    Google Apps Account Sync

    Google Apps Synchronization app provides a connector to Google's "in the cloud" API. This app simplifies an administrators job by provisioning a Google App account while creating an on-premise user a...

  • intrusion_protection_updates
    $ 100 /yr

    IDS Signatures

    Intrusion Protection takes an active role at the edge of your network. It detects attempts to gain access to your system by known exploits and then pro-actively firewalls your server from the perpetra...

  • netify


    Netify provides visibility into the traffic on your network along with the option to take an active role (on supported devices) in stopping/shaping ...

  • remote_backup
    $ 10 /yr

    Remote Data Backup

    ClearCenter's Remote Server Backup Service app provides secure, simple and reliable backups to the cloud. All data is encrypted, both in transit and on the storage clusters managed by ClearCenter. Si...

  • security_audit
    $ 25 /yr

    Remote Security Audit, weekly audits

    Remote Security Audit is a service for system administrators to limit the damage potential of corrupted or tampered system files. Reviewed on a regular basis, the audit can quickly notify an admin so...

  • system_monitor
    $ 35 /yr

    Remote System Monitor, 5-minute notifications

    The ClearCenter Remote System Monitor app checks processor utilization, hard disk and memory usage in addition to monitoring ports that should normally be available outside your network (eg. Mail, Web...

  • software_repository

    Software Repository

    A list of repositories available to the server. A software repository is a storage location where updates and new packages can be downloaded and installed on the server. Apps available in the Marketp...

  • software_updates

    Software Updates

    The Software Updates app provides updates for the underlying operating system components. Availability of updates are dependant on which software repositories are enabled.


  • nat_firewall

    1-to-1 NAT

    1-to-1 NAT maps a public IP address to a private IP address. It allows systems behind the firewall and configured with private IP addresses (RFC 1918) appear to have public IP addresses.This feature r...

  • bandwidth

    Bandwidth Manager

    The Bandwidth Manager app can shape and prioritize network traffic passing through the server (when configured in gateway mode). This app is an essential tool for administrators who wish to implement...

  • qos

    Bandwidth and QoS Manager

    The Quality of Service (QoS) app is a network feature that allows administrators to prioritize certain types of Internet traffic. Enabling QoS decreases the likelihood that at any given time, a singl...

  • firewall_custom

    Custom Firewall

    Allows customized firewall (iptables) rules to be added. In advanced or highly customised networking environments, the addition of advanced firewall rules that cannot be added using the available fir...

  • dhcp

    DHCP Server

    The DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) app provides automatic IP settings to devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, printers etc.) connecting to your network. If you are using this server ...

  • dmz


    The DMZ app allows an administrator to create a physical subnetwork, providing accessibility from untrusted networks (eg. the Internet) while maintaining isolation to the Local Area Network (LAN). Ty...

  • dns

    DNS Server

    The DNS Server app provides a localised DNS server for the LAN. DNS provides resolution for mapping IP addresses to easily remembered hostnames (i.e. db1.lan, web1.lan etc.).

  • firewall_dynamic

    Dynamic Firewall

    The dynamic firewall app allows an administrator to generate and implement very specific, time-based, firewall rules triggered off events. For example, rather than opening up ports for SSH or OpenVPN ...

  • egress_firewall

    Egress Firewall

    The Egress Firewall app enforces policy on traffic leaving your network. Two modes are available - allow all and blanket block. Allow all allows all outgoing traffic through, with the exception of r...

  • incoming_firewall


    The incoming firewall app allows administrators to simply open ports (or port ranges) for services running locally on the server. If a service requires connections from outside your network to be mad...

  • network

    IP Settings

    An app providing administrators with the ability to configure the most common network tasks. Depending on the number of physical Network Interface Cards (NIC) present in your server, the server can be...

  • ibvpn


    Invisible Browsing VPN (ibVPN) is a service that allows you to surf the Web invisibly and securely without leaving a trace and without being tracked. By using an ibVPN server located in another count...

  • multiwan


    The multi-WAN feature in ClearOS allows you to connect your system to multiple Internet connections. Multi-WAN offers many benefits to environments requiring a reliable connection to the Internet, inc...

  • ntp

    NTP Server

    The Network Time Protocol app synchronizes the server's internal clock with Internet standard time servers. Computers and Internet devices on the LAN can then sync clocks against the local time serve...

  • network_map

    Network Map

    The Network Map scans then network for devices and provides a way to associate devices with specific end users. This app provides an easy way for administrators to make networking and access control ...

  • openvpn


    The OpenVPN app is a server-side implementation of the OpenVPN protocol. This versatile protocol makes it ideal for either client to server or server to server VPN tunnels using TCP or UDP.

  • pptpd

    PPTP Server

    The PPTP VPN app is a server-side implementation of the PPTP protocol. It is primarily used for client-server VPN tunnels (as opposed to server-server). The main advantages of this protocol are ease...

  • port_forwarding

    Port Forwarding

    The port forwarding firewall app allows an administrator to direct incoming service requests via port (or port ranges) to other devices on the Local Area Network (LAN). The destination device is usua...

  • radius

    RADIUS Server

    The RADIUS Server app provides an implementation of the RADIUS protocol, using FreeRADIUS. RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) features centralized management, authentication, authori...

  • ssh_server

    SSH Server

    The SSH Server (or Secure SHell) app allows an administrator to quickly and simply configure basic settings of the SSH server. SSH is a network protocol for allowing remote access to the systems Comm...

  • static_vpn
    $ 25 /yr

    Static IPsec VPN for Community

    IPsec VPN allows administrators to establish secure, encrypted connections between networks using Openswan. Openswan supports IPsec or IKE and connections from third party devices in host-to-host or s...

  • miniupnpd


    Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a suite of networking protocols that allows networked devices to discover each other's presence on the network and establish functional network services for data shar...


  • application_filter

    Application Filter

    The Application Filter can detect and block apps like Facebook, Netflix, Snapchat, and many others. It performs deep packet (DPI) and SSL certicate analysis to categorize and block dozens of services...

  • attack_detector

    Attack Detector

    Attack Detector scans your system for authentication failures across various types of services installed on your system. If the failure threshold is reached, the app will block the attacking system.

  • content_filter

    Content Filter Engine

    The Content Filter app allows an administrator to enforce browsing policy. Policy can be enforced across all users or, group definitions can be created, allowing an admin to categorise users into gro...

  • antiphishing

    Gateway Antiphishing

    The Antiphishing engine is designed to help prevent your users from visiting sites designed to steal personal information by dubious means. This includes preventing known malicious sites that look and...

  • antivirus

    Gateway Antivirus

    The Antivirus app is designed to help prevent virus attacks against desktop computers, laptops, smartphones etc. by providing a gateway perimeter. The scanner has the ability to filter non-encrypted ...

  • gateway_management_business
    $ 400 /yr

    Gateway Management Business

    This simple, new and disruptive Gateway Management App blocks productivity-sapping content and protects your network from attackers.

  • gateway_management_community

    Gateway Management Community

    This simple, new and disruptive Gateway Management App blocks productivity-sapping content and protects your network from attackers.

  • intrusion_detection

    Intrusion Detection System

    The Intrusion Detection app is the cornerstone of security for any size network. The app uses the highly regarded Snort engine to perform real-time traffic analysis and packet logging on Internet Pro...

  • intrusion_prevention

    Intrusion Prevention System

    The Intrusion Prevention app is a plugin to the Intrusion Detection system. The service dynamically creates firewall rules (iptables) to block IP packets if a packet stream matches a known attack sig...

  • protocol_filter

    Protocol Filter

    The Protocol Filter is an application layer packet classifier. It can be used to block unwanted traffic from your network - the most common being to ensure employees, students or end users are using ...

  • web_access_control

    Web Access Control

    Time-based Access Control allows an administer to enforce time-of-day web access to users or computers (IP or MAC address) using the web proxy.

  • wpad

    Web Proxy Auto Discovery

    The Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol is a method used by client devices on the network to locate a URL of a configuration file using DHCP and/or DNS discovery methods. Once detection and download of...

  • web_proxy

    Web Proxy Server

    A web proxy acts as an intermediary server for web requests originating from the Local Area Network. Implementing a proxy server is optional, however, several benefits are gained such as increasing p...


  • amibios


    AMIBIOS Management for ClearOS supports updating the BIOS for servers such as the HPE MicroServer which uses the AMIBIOS.

  • print_server

    Advanced Print Server

    The Print Server app provides a common print interface to printers on the network. This allows clients on the LAN to share print resources and eases administration into one centralized service.

  • file_scan

    Antimalware File Scanner

    The File Scan app scans the server's file system for infected files.

  • clearglass_business
    $ 1,000 /yr

    ClearGLASS Business, 200 vCPUs

    ClearGLASS Business provides advanced orchestration, monitoring, automation, security, visibility and control to make it easier to manage heterogeneous private and public cloud infrastructure all from...

  • clearglass_community

    ClearGLASS Community

    ClearGLASS Community provides orchestration, security, visibility and control to make it easier to manage heterogeneous private and public cloud infrastructure all from within one console. With ClearG...

  • openldap_directory

    Directory Server

    The directory server is an implementation (using OpenLDAP) of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. The directory contains information on user records, computers, access controls etc. that can b...

  • domoticz
    $ 25 each

    Domoticz Home Automation

    Domoticz is a light weight home automation system that lets you monitor and configure miscellaneous devices, including lights, switches, various sensors/meters like temperature, rainfall, wind, ultrav...

  • ftp

    FTP Server

    The FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Server app uses ProFTP ( - a highly configurable, Open Source, FTP server software application. FTP can be used as a standalone service to pro...

  • flexshare


    A Flexshare is a flexible and secure collaboration utility which integrates four of the most common methods of accessing files or content - Web, FTP, File sharing (SAMBA) and Email (as attachments).

  • ilo


    Manage iLO (Integrated Lights-Out) settings for multiple systems on your network.

  • imap

    IMAP and POP Server

    The IMAP and POP server app provides a standard set of services for mail clients (Thunderbird, Mail, Evolution, Outlook/Express etc.) to connect to the server and retrieve email. If you are intereste...

  • kopano_basic
    $ 80 /yr

    Kopano Basic

    Kopano Basic is an open-source, full-featured collaboration and groupware platform. Kopano includes a web-based interface for performing mail, address book and calendar functions. It is designed for...

  • mail_antispam

    Mail Antispam

    An open-source antispam scanner for the SMTP Mail Server app. This app will scan mail during messaging handling and perform functions defined by rules configured by the administrator. For commercial ...

  • mail_antivirus

    Mail Antivirus

    An open-source antivirus and antimalware scanner for the SMTP Mail Server app. This app will scan mail during messaging handling and perform functions defined by rules configured by the administrator....

  • mail_archive
    $ 95 /yr

    Mail Archive

    The Mail Archive system logs all incoming and outgoing e-mail passing through the gateway and stores exact copies for archival. Metadata extracted from each message is stored in a database for search...

  • greylisting

    Mail Greylisting

    For servers configured to provide on-premise mail service, the greylisting app can dramatically reduce the amount of spam reaching user's mailboxes. The mail transfer agent (MTA) will temporarily rej...

  • mail_retrieval

    Mail Retrieval

    The Mail Retrieval app can be used to fetch mail from external POP and IMAP servers. This app can be useful if users want a single unified inbox pulling from multiple mail sources (eg. Gmail account,...

  • mariadb

    MariaDB Database Server

    MariaDB is an open-source, Relational Database Management System (RDMS) offering multi-user access to any number of defined databases.

  • active_directory
    $ 125 /yr

    Microsoft Active Directory Connector

    ClearCenter's Active Directory Connector app is designed to leverage existing Microsoft AD infrastructure and simplify administrative and user control. Administrators can quickly and securely roll ou...

  • nextcloud_business
    $ 100 /yr

    Nextcloud for Community

    The Nextcloud for Business app provides universal access to your files via the web, your computer or your mobile devices - wherever you are. The Nextcloud app is integrated with the ClearOS user inter...

  • nextcloud
    $ 10 /yr

    Nextcloud for Home

    The Nextcloud for Home app provides universal access to your files via the web, your computer or your mobile devices - wherever you are. The Nextcloud app is integrated with the ClearOS user interface...

  • owncloud_business
    $ 100 /yr

    ownCloud for Community

    The ownCloud for Business app provides universal access to your files via the web, your computer or your mobile devices - wherever you are. The ownCloud app is integrated with the ClearOS user interfa...

  • php_engines

    PHP Engines

    The PHP Engines app allows an administrator to select the PHP version to run inside each web server virtual host.

  • photo_organizer

    Photo Organizer

    Having troubles keeping all your digital photos organized on your server? Photo Organizer attempts to automate the process by providing the user with a simple interface to setup any number of source ...

  • plex

    Plex Media Server

    The Plex Media Server is a backend application to help you manage and stream media to almost any network connected device. This app has been integrated to ClearOS's Network Map app that allows you to ...

  • proxypass
    $ 15 each

    Proxy Pass

    ProxyPass allows the configuration of a reverse proxy. This application can be used for servicing HTTP(S) requests to a background server or host multiple virtual hosts on separate SSL certificates us...

  • roundcubemail
    $ 25 /yr

    Roundcube Webmail

    A webmail client for IMAP which uses the Web Server app to provide a browser-based, multi-lingual e-mail user interface. The app is powered by Roundcub...

  • smtp

    SMTP Server

    The SMTP Server app uses Postfix ( in either of two modes - SMTP server or mail gateway. As an SMTP server, it can be used as an on premise mail server, providing email to mult...

  • serviio

    Serviio Media Server

    Serviio is a free media server. It allows you to stream your media files (music, video or images) to renderer devices (e.g. a TV set, Bluray player, games console or mobile phone) on your connected h...

  • transmission

    Transmission BitTorrent Client

    Transmission is a free, lightweight BitTorrent client. It features a simple, intuitive interface on top on an efficient, cross-platform back-end. Transmission has the features you want from a BitTorr...

  • web_server

    Web Server

    The web server app provides an instance of the Apache server along with basic tasks for creating new website assets. The Apache webserver is the worlds most popular web server, no doubt as a result o...

  • samba

    Windows Networks (Samba)

    The Windows Networking app installs SAMBA - an open source suite of services that allows file and print interoperability between systems running under Microsoft Windows and this server.

  • wordpress

    WordPress (Beta)

    WordPress website content management system (or CMS). This app simplifies the installation and setup of WordPress websites inside the Web Server app. It is maintained by Xtreem Solutions - a company ...

  • zarafa_community
    $ 50 /yr

    Zarafa Community Edition for ClearOS

    Zarafa Community is an open-source, full-featured mail storage and groupware solution. Zarafa includes a web-based interface for performing mail, address book and calendar functions. The Community E...


  • two_factor_auth

    2FA for Webconfig

    Two-factor authentication (2FA) for Webconfig strengthens access security by requiring two methods to verify a user's identity. Before granting access to resources available via Webconfig, a user wil...

  • apcups

    APC Battery Backup Manager

    APC Battery Backup/UPS provides status information, reporting and administrative actions for managing supported APC UPS models.

  • account_import

    Account Import

    Perform bulk import of users to the system using the Account Import app. Import template supports Comma Separated Values (CVS) that can be created from any spreadsheet application (OpenOffice, Excel ...

  • accounts

    Account Manager

    An overview of installed plugins and extensions to the user directory that allows user-based features to be enabled/disabled easily.

  • account_synchronization
    $ 100 /yr

    Account Synchronization

    Account Synchronization provides the necessary tools to manage users, groups, passwords and other account information across distributed slave systems.

  • administrators


    An Access Control List (ACL) allowing an administrator (root) to grant sub-administrator access to specific configuration pages within webconfig on a per user basis.

  • backuppc


    BackupPC is a high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up Linux and Windows desktops and laptops to a local storage array (eg. server's disk). BackupPC is highly configurable and easy to...

  • bmbackup

    Baremetal Backup and Restore

    The Bare Metal Backup/Restore app saves and restores both users' home directories and the configuration settings to and from a USB disk.

  • certificate_manager

    Certificate Manager

    SSL certificates are the industry standard for encrypting information sent over a network and can also be used to provide authentication, as in the case of SMIME email signature signing. The Certifica...

  • configuration_backup

    Configuration Backup and Restore

    The configuration backup and restore app allows an administrator to take a snapshot (archive file) of all configuration settings of the system, allowing easy restoration in the event data is lost. Th...

  • dashboard


    The dashboard app provides a high-level summary of how your system is configured, how it is performing and what users on doing on the server.

  • date

    Date and Time

    Allows you to set the system date, time and timezone settings on the server.

  • edition


    Displays information on what ClearOS edition is configured.

  • groups


    The groups app allows an administrator to create, delete and modify groups on the system. Groups can be used to efficiently manage permissions in accessing server resources.

  • lets_encrypt

    Let's Encrypt

    Let's Encrypt is an open certificate authority that provides free SSL certificates. The app intelligently integrates the certificate lifecyle and management into Webconfig to be used by other services...

  • mail_notification

    Mail Notification

    Many apps and services in the Marketplace use email to notify administrators of events that may require their attention. The mail notification app provides an MTA to relay messages sent from the serv...

  • mail_settings

    Mail Settings

    The Mail Settings app provides the necessary tools to manage core mail functionality.

  • marketplace


    ClearCenter's Marketplace is an online store featuring apps and services (both free and paid) for ClearOS. Apps available in the Marketplace have gone through a stringent quality control process by C...

  • master_slave
    $ 175 /yr

    Master/Slave Synchronization

    Master/Slave Synchronization provides the necessary tools to manage users, groups, passwords and other account information across a distributed infrastucture serving different geographic locations.

  • mobile_demo

    Mobile Demo for Android

    This application demonstrates how to access the ClearOS API framework from a mobile phone using a REST-like protocol. IT IS INTENDED FOR DEVELOPERS ONLY. The bundled application is for Android[TM] d...

  • password_policies

    Password Policies

    The Password Policies app can be used to enforce the password quality (strength) in use by end-users. Enforcing strong passwords and/or policies that can be used, for example, to expire passwords wil...

  • services


    Control the system daemons and their running state and provides a useful overview. You can also control which services start up at boot time.

  • shell_extension_core

    Shell Extension

    The Shell Extension is a account-manager extension that allows an administrator to assign shell access (and type) to user accounts via the user manager app. Giving users shell access to the server is...

  • raid

    Software RAID Monitor

    The Software RAID app provides status information, reporting and interaction for administering a software RAID array. This app is a UI integration and interface for the ubiquitous

  • storage

    Storage Manager

    The Storage Manager allows you to map large data shares to storage volumes.

  • support


    Some individuals or organizations have the ability to be self-sufficent when it comes to managing their IT environment, however, many prefer (or require) access to professional support services. Clea...

  • registration

    System Registration

    System registration provides access to the Marketplace containing hundreds of apps to customize your server and receive the latest updates. Creating an account and registering your system is quick an...

  • user_certificates

    User Certificates

    Security certificates are used to secure various apps that you use on a day to day basis.

  • user_profile

    User Profile

    The User Profile app is used to change your password and, depending on your system settings, update other profile settings.

  • users


    The users app allows an administrator to create, delete and modify users on the system. Marketplace apps that plugin directly to the user directory will automatically display options available to a u...

  • base


    The secure, web-based management framework that provides users with an intuitive user interface to manage and configure apps. Webconfig also provides developers and 3rd-party Integrated Software Vend...


  • bandwidth_viewer

    Bandwidth Viewer

    The Bandwidth Viewer draws a live graph of your interfaces bandwidth. This can help to determine the maximum speed of your interfaces and identify bandwidth problems across your network.

  • disk_usage

    Disk Usage Report

    An interactive graph representing filesystem usage.

  • events

    Events and Notifications

    The Events and Notifications app logs all types system events on the server. Alerts could be informational, as in User xyz logged in at hh:mm or of a more critical nature - Disk space exceeded 95%. A...

  • proxy_report

    Filter and Proxy Report

    The Filter and Proxy Report provides both a graphical and tabular view of web usage on your network. With the Filter and Proxy Report, administrators can quickly and easily identify inappropriate mat...

  • log_viewer

    Log Viewer

    Tabular display of all system log files. Viewing and searching of log files are essential and typically the first step in troubleshooting problems with your server.

  • network_report

    Network Report

    The Network Report app provides network throughput information on all your network interfaces.

  • network_visualiser

    Network Visualizer

    The Network Visualizer app captures and displays data flow traversing your network in real-time. Despite requiring some technical knowledge in networking principles, this app can be extremely useful ...

  • process_viewer

    Process Viewer

    Tabular display of all programs (processes) running on the server. Specific information on each process is listed, including process ID (PID), running time, CPU and memory usage and owner.

  • resource_report

    Resource Report

    The Resource Report app includes information on load, memory usage and running processes.

  • smart_monitor
    $ 25 /yr

    SMART Monitor

    The SMART Monitor app provides an overview of the self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology (SMART) system built into many ATA, IDE hard drives. The purpose of SMART is to monitor the reliabi...

  • system_report

    System Report

    The System Report app includes information on the operating system and underlying hardware.



ClearOS is continually working to deliver new updates, new features and engage our community for new ideas in Redefining IT. Click here to see our current Roadmap and things being worked on.


Build Your Own App

ClearOS invites 3rd party developers to join the development by offering the ability to package your own ClearOS Marketplace apps. This allows developers to create anything from hobby style home based apps to production ready apps. Apps can be free or paid.

New apps are being created every day which continues to make ClearOS the most versatile Hybrid IT Operating Platform. Download the whitepaper to get started as an app developer; whether it's just for fun or to introduce a new revenue stream.


Cutting Edge Technology

ClearOS 6 Community is a distribution delivering the latest in hybrid IT. This unique Server Operating System delivers a framework whereby app-developers are able to build and deploy cutting edge features to broaden the scope of the software. These systems may have a higher risk of being unreliable and lead adopters to incur greater expense in order to make use of them in production environments. For this reason ClearOS Business delivers only quality tested software combined with automated services and professional support to mitigate this risk of running a 'guinea pig' edition in production settings.

ClearOS 6 Community Pricing

ClearOS is FREE. Yes, you read that correctly.. forever &; always free!


Community Edition


ClearOS is a complete FOSS &; FLOSS software platform.
Ideal for Code Testing, Linux Experts, App Developers and
Open Source Purists.
Open Source Software - Simplified.

  • 75 Free Open Source Apps

  • Forum Support Only

  • Community Driven

  • Participates in Beta Code Testing

  • Participates in Updates Testing

  • Lifecycle Support: 6 months

Community Subscription


A ClearCenter subscription connects ClearOS
to a dynamic SDN (service delivery network)
and enables the ClearOS Marketplace.

Use IT. Share IT. Develop IT. Love IT.

ClearOS is open-source and was built to intelligently integrate many technologies, capturing the benefits of many open source projects. The end result is a seamless, simple operating platform built off the most reliable server OS available. ClearOS Community is the pure and free open-source edition. Many who use it develop apps for the ClearOS Marketplace.

If you'd like to contribute to the ongoing development and maintenance of ClearOS, you may consider donating to the ClearFoundation, or using a production ready and quality tested edition of ClearOS; like ClearOS Home or ClearOS Business.


ClearOS 6 Comparison

ClearOS delivers an IT experience like nothing before. Enterprise functions, which have historically been complex are now turn-key though point and click management. The system is built to scale with over 75 apps in the onboard Marketplace. Review the options below to select the best edition for IT needs.

ClearOS Community 6

ClearOS 6 Community

  • Ideal for Homes, Hobbyists &; Developers
  • Scales to 10 users

  • 75 Open Source Apps

  • + Beta Code

  • + Bleeding Edge

  • + Untested &; Unsupported

  • + Participates in Community Updates Testing

  • + Participates in Community Bug-Fix Testing

  • + Lifecycle Support: 6 months

  • Download
ClearOS Professional 6

ClearOS 6 Professional

  • Ideal for Production Users
  • Unlimited Users

  • 75 Quality Tested Apps

  • + Quality Tested Code

  • + Scales with Compute Power

  • + Professionally Supported

  • + Includes Commercial Add-on Services

  • + Includes 3rd Party Apps &; Services

  • + Lifecycle Support: 5 years

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