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Welcome to the ClearOS developer section. Before you get scared away by the word developer you should know that you don't need to code software to contribute! You can:

Feel free to browse around the various developer sections. If you want to start contributing, please read on. We'll help you get started with making your own apps for ClearOS.

Getting Started

Before you can start using any of the online developer infrastructure, you will first need to request a developer account.

Step 1 - Create an Account

If you haven't already done so, please create a user account on the web site. Even though your developer account will be separate, we want you to have a consistent username across the various bits of infrastructure.

Step 2 - Request a Developer Account

To request a developer account, please send a quick e-mail with your username to Please specify how you plan to contribute so that we can create the right kind of account for you!

Step 3 - Submit Contributor Agreement

In order to protect ClearFoundation and its projects, we ask that developers who contribute intellectual property (including patches and source code) agree to a contributor agreement. The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has a concise explanation on why this is standard practice for open source projects. This step is only required if you plan on developing/maintaining ClearFoundation apps. If you are developing your own app, those intellectual property rights belong to you! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us -

Step 4 - Create Your Development Environment

Whether you are translating, creating apps, or building RPM packages, you will want to create a ClearOS development environment!

Step 5 - Generate SSH Keys (Optional)

As you already know, there are some security sensitive areas, namely:

If you plan on using of these systems, we'll need to arrange getting your public SSH key. You can find more information on SSH keys in the following document:

Submitting Apps to ClearOS Build System

Once you have your app looking the way you want on your system. You will need to have the ClearOS team create for you a repository to submit your code. You should be familiar with the 'git' process and perhaps you already are using a source code management system. You can simply use the 'git' process alongside your existing source code management. Simply submit apps to the ClearOS system.

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