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Getting Started with App Development in ClearOS

There are four key components to the ClearOS Apps development environment:

  • General ClearOS build tools to simplify your life
  • Source code documentation tools using phpDocs
  • Unit testing tools using PHPUnit
  • Coding standards checker using PHP Code Sniffer

If you have not already done so, please create a basic development environment by following these instructions. Come back to this document when you're done!

Sanity Check App Environment

If everything is working in your environment, you should be able to point your browser to https://your.ip.address:1501/ (reminder: that's port 1501 not 81) and see webconfig in action. The webconfig engine running on port 1501 not only shows the installed apps running on your system, but also any apps that you have in development. If you get stuck, please feel free to contact for help!

ClearOS 7

The UI for the dev environment may look exactly like the production environment. Be sure that you are on port 1501.

ClearOS 6

You may have noticed that the top of the webconfig page displays development status information (see screenshot below). This is helpful to distinguish between live/stable code and development code.

ClearOS Development Status

Right now, you should see a Live status for apps, themes and the framework. You should see a Development status for once you start to develop or maintain a specific app.

Next Step: Hello World

Get started now by creating your own Hello World! app.

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