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  • Sending Mail Works Fine, but I Cannot Receive

    I've enabled my IMAP and POP3 along with SMTP. I usually have issues with getting mail to send due to my ISP blocking outgoing port 25, but I have gotten my SMTP relay setup properly with my ISP.

    My issue is that when I send an email to my server I don't get it. I've tried sending from and to the same email address on my clearOS system and that won't go. I have also tried sending from gmail and protonmail.

    Here is part of the error message I get from proton mail.

    Here is the error from Google

    I'm sure it is a setting in a config file that I messed up when I was going through this process.

    Every 15 seconds I am getting a connection attempt from I don't think it is google trying to send email to me. I get the same sequence each time it seems.

    I also am getting some other attempts from I don't think they are getting in either, but it sure is annoying.