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  • Nathan
    Nathan replied to a discussion, Lag spikes through gateway

    I think this is solved but I'll report back in a few days. BIOS was up to date. I swapped the connections so my WAN connection is on the INTEL NIC and my LAN is on the other.

    I am seeing some other strange behavior I think.

    From my computer on the LAN I can ping and log into my cable modem just by typing in its IP address even though my computer is showing it to be on the LAN subnet and not the cable modem subnet.

    I do not have my cable modem in bridge mode.

    my computer is 10.10.10.x

    clear gateway
    WAN: 10.0.0.x

    cable modem is

    if I type in my address bar it goes to the cable modem config. I can also ping that IP address with windows command line.

    Not sure exactly what is happening here, but it seems fishy.