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  • New version if the offing ...

    Ok, I now have a new version that I've just finished testing to my satisfaction and I'll shortly be submitting it for consideration if anyone is interested

    2 New Features:

    Rotation Scheme
    Backup Now

    'Rotation scheme'. I've discovered to my cost that the current version is seriously flawed and I lost some important emails as I experienced a disk corruption that was then backed up(!) and I was unable to recover. It's this that prompted me to do something about it. The file being backed up was a VM; the VM's disk was corrupted as a result for the recent power fluctuations/sudden outage during the recent storms hitting the UK and I didn't discover the problem until the following morning by which time it was too late to do anything about it.
    The scheme (in the absence of a .config file) defaults to 3 grandfather/father/son), but selectable up to 7 (dailies). 'Disabled' and '1 backup' are effectively the same as the single backup that is the current (potentially fatal!) scheme.

    'Backup now' - something I've wanted for a while.

    So who's interested?