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  • Nick Howitt wrote:

    Here is the diff, and here is the issue. As I said, the change was trivial.

    That's why I was asking as this is contents of mine ..

    Which looked to me like the sandboxed db (the system's) was separate anyway ..!

  • Nick Howitt wrote:

    I have hopefully separated the user and system database fully (nothing clever, just a tweak to the system-database systemd unit file).

    Can you be a bit more specific?

  • Nick Howitt wrote:

    so it should really be done with a menu option in webconfig.

    Completely agree.

  • The user db on 3306

  • FWIW, I'm running NB 20.0.9 on a clearos server, and the only thiing I've not bothered with is the cache setting. And I've not had a problem with enabling the 4-byte support or any other than the necessary db updates to allow it to work, and it's hooked in to clearos LDAP. The only thing I won't be able to do is to update to version 21 because of the version of the Mariadb - that's something I might look at in the future. I accept that the various db tweaks needed might cause issues with other apps, but after reading about them and what they do, I have doubts that they will upset anything -although anything is possible.

    NB itself is just installed as per NB recommendations, into a virtual clearos website using the 7.3 php engine, and NB's security scan gives the site an A+ rating with all their security hardenings enabled. I'm on a supported stable release.

    The server itself is used as a file server, and the NB aspect is simply an extension of that useage. It can sync quite happily with Windows 10, Android, and iPhone/iPad. One useful feature of the newer versions of NB is that the file storage locations can be located on a flexshare, and -unlike the version in the app store, use the name of the user rather than an anonymous scrambled id, making it easier to see what belongs to who when accessing the file system via the underlying linux system

  • Wayland Sothcott wrote:

    You said your Prolient server is only 32 bit. I am surprised by that and I would double check the model to see if it was 64 bit. 64 bit x86 CPUs became common in 2005 and they have all been 64 bit since 2008.

    You've obviously not looked at the picture of his proposed network where he identifies the model of the server! If you had, and checked the spec, you'd know that it's a P3 .16GHz machine ...

  • Nick Howitt wrote:

    Note that this will not stop apps which use DoH/Secure DNS, so Safari at least on an iPad (and perhaps all iOS, not just Safari),

    To be brutally frank though, it's pretty much pointless trying to block anything from 16+ year olds anyway as they'll be intelligent enough to turn their phones into hotspot mode and connect via 3/4G if they really want to. The only real benefit of any content filtering is to block unwanted stuff from the home network that gets in via webpage redirects.

  • There is potentially a much simpler (free) solution to your problem ..

    Setup a consumer account, configure the Family Shield, set the ClearOS DNS service to point to the OpenDNS servers, and the content blocking is all taken care of for you.
    Of course, using this option will also stop you accessing adult material unless you bypass the setup by connecting to the WiFi on the WAN side of the COS box (and thereby bypassing the OpenDNS lookups specified by the COS box).

    Be aware though, that you also run the risk of double NAT - no idea how old your kids are, but if they are playing online games (eg XBox/Playstation), you might run into problems.

  • Richard George
    Richard George replied to a discussion, Missing LDAP objects?

    Patrick; yeah, found that, but couldn’t see how to enable the logging. The option i tried (error) didn’t seem to add anything useful.
    And Nick; can’t tell as there doesn’t appear to be anything in the logs, so at the moment I’m in the dark.

  • Richard George
    Richard George started a new discussion, Missing LDAP objects?

    Missing LDAP objects?

    My kopano server log is showing the following errors ...

    How can I find out which ojects are missing, and what needs changing/correcting to fix the issue?

    I'm wondering if it's causing a recent problem with IMAP syncing not finishing ...?