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  • Nick Howitt wrote:

    Support know the answer and don't want to give it. ClearOS is out of date and has had no updates for over a year. It currently has a number of critical security vulnerabilities. You will need a kernel update rolled into the iso to be able to use the latest processors. Since Clearcenter aren't doing any updates from upstream you are out of luck.

    That's NOT good!

    My renewal is due November and from what am seeing things a looking a bit rocky with clear .

    Am really needing a new server as skipped last time in the end but not seeing any mention of a new updated release leaves my a little apprehensive on whether to renew now.
    Servers still on the kernel! Desktop poped up yesterday to offer me Kernel 6.5
    Have been using clear since the clarkconnect days will be sad if it is slipping away