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Nicholas A
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I have Windows networking (samba) app installed with flexshare and i am running Home Version of clearOS so by default it forces you to use LDAP. I have a PDC named HOME running and with a few modifications to the client windows 10 pro computers i was able to join them to my domain. I assigned all users to the group HOME that i created and also assigned them to Users, domain_users and backup_operators. My question is this.

The logon.cmd appears to be working as ive noticed its enforcing the default windows groups permissions on the home users logged into clients. However when you go into back up options the ability to turn on file history back ups seems to be removed and the couple links left dont appear to work. backup_operators group is alloud back up permissions by default so not sure whats going on here. Did i miss something or do i need to add some code to logon.cmd to re enable this feature on the windows 10 pro clients.
Wednesday, April 04 2018, 12:32 PM
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