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I have a PDC running inside a xenserver VM. I need to move this copy to a different hardware.
I made a copy of the original VM but now I need to sync them.
Other then home directories, flexshares. What else?
Can I stop system-mysql on both servers and just rsync?
What about zarafa? Ldap?
Would rsync of system-mysql and directory with attachements do it?
Thursday, March 24 2016, 04:28 AM
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    Friday, March 25 2016, 07:38 AM - #Permalink
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    Don't have zarafa and assume it must maintain the relationship between the original emails and the attachments in the database.
    Does your zarafa have a reliable imap interface? If so. then would hope that imapsync would sync the two mail servers. Use cyrus-imapd and imapsync does a good job of backing up my mail to the backup server using a cron job. Do you use mysql (system or user) for anything other than mail? Is the switch to the stand-by automatic or manual? When switching you would need to stop the copying from master to stand-by first, otherwise all the new data, emails etc on the stand-by would be wiped if the master becomes active again. You are also going to have to consider how users switch to the new ip of the stand-by, or how you switch ips between master and stand-by etc. Probably more to consider! A candidate for DRBD :-)

    As for ldap - wasn't there development for a master ldap and slaves (even multiple slaves)? Think this is probably a professional edition only option.

    You would also need to consider how system configuration changes on the master machine may affect the other. That should at least give food for thought.
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