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  • Hi Marcel - thanks for responding...

    resources of ClearCenter at the moment are very limited

    What resource is "very limited" specifically? One that would make sense is they cannot afford the migration. There are hundreds of sites running good forum software, so the expertise is out there for ClearOS to engage. If this isn't the case, then please detail what the lacking resource is...
    Last time I looked at the ClearOS Discouse link - there was no obvious evidence of any progress since the initial creation activity around April/May last year.

  • What's next? Replace or fix these Forums...

    Thank-you for the speed increase :D This is how they should have been from the beginning. Why did it take so long? I guess it's like a dangerous road intersection - nothing done until a several people loose their lives... In this case the forums became virtually unusable as did the documention etc for every user before any action was taken..

    So what's next? These forums, though faster now, are still pretty poor functionally :(
    Are we going to continue with these forums or move to better software? Let's see some proaction rather than just "fire-fighting"...

    If we stay have to be stuck with this forum software how about starting to fix some of the many problems - here's a simple few to get started...

    1. Provide a better search function - the present one is useless and pathetic
    2. A means of previewing your append befor submitting
    3. Change the inaccurate "3 hours ago" "2 days ago" etc nonsense. For example, "more than a month ago" is not very informative for a thread that is several years old. I should not need to look at appends in the thread to see when the discussion took place. For example, just replace this crap with the date of the original append that started the thread. This would probably have the benefit of removing a lot of complexity in the code. We are quire capable of working out how old something is by looking at a date...
    4. Content between "code" tags. Stop this stupid changing of parts of the content into emoticons. Stop splitting long lines and use scroll bars instead. Content between code tags should NEVER be altered...

  • Not sure if this will help but anyway, I don't use vlans any more, but do have 3 sub-nets in my home/office environment for clients -, and Have two dhcpd servers, both of which can provide addresses on all three subnets. They are running ISC's dhcpd, as Nick indicated, and have a master/slave synchronizing relationship. Each client has a specific number for the last position in the guad-dotted address. Addresses are assigned by MAC. For example my Windows 8.1 laptop is assigned 39. So if it is connected to the sub-net it receives a address, similarly or when connected to either of the two other sub-nets.

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, Forum Slow

    TLS 1.0/1.1 was deprecated starting October 31st, 2018. TLS 1.2 was released back in 2008! Why does ClearOS feel the need to continue with something that is proven insure. In fact those with old browsers have more problems than accessing ClearOS. Starting June 30, 2018, websites stopped supporting TLS 1.0 to remain PCI compliant. PCI (Payment Card Industry) is the industry standard for Credit and similar card transactions. The time for 1.0 and 1.1 to die was 2018. A survey by Microsoft showed that less than one percent of daily connections on Oct 15 2018 were using TLS 1.0 or 1.1.

    Much more likely ClearOS still supports TLS 1./1.1 because ClearOS does not maintain its Website. This ongoing slowness is a disgrace - 10 days and counting... and still no apology from a ClearOS exec. Loyalty should work both ways - community users providing help, testing,suggestions etc to ClearOS and fellow Community users; while ClearOS provides a suitable maintained platform for this to occur, instead we get a virtual kick in the teeth and ignored.

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, Forum Slow

    John Jarrett exclaimed

    Painful is correct!

    Decided to use the Web Developer Fuction in Firefox to get some accurate measurements
    First of, this is a worry straight of...

    Time to load 3 different random community pages, look at the last one :(

    With some pages have hundreds of css warnings of various types, clearos scripts being terminated by timeouts (/media/jui/js/jquery.min.xxxxxxx being the source of many at clearos) etc - just gave up any further investigation.

  • have a look at resolv.conf

    Here's one of mine from ClearOS 7.x - they are all similar :p
    Don't use dnsmasq as it lacks vital function. nor the ClearOS modifications. Use bind and ISC dhcpd instead. Require a master/slave dns/dhcp setup to provide the ability to take down one server and not loose dns/dhcp. Full synchronisation so only the master needs updates. Multiwan provides an alternate gateway, imapsync provides mail backup and redundancy while rsync copies share data. This is the function (though not the identical software) enjoyed at work before retirement. Something that any business where availabilty is important would mandate as a minimum.

    It is not possible to release an updated app-network because there is too much work-in-progress to back it out and I don't understand the reasoning behind the code that is already there. It has not changed got 6 to 7 years.

    ClearOS certainly digs itself into some holes...

  • Wednesday January 8 2020

    More updates to enable creation of an ISO?

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, Forum Slow

    Thanks Nick - that is the page I was looking for...
    As for "lack of resouses" that is continually mentioned - looking at those profiles there are several people listed whose description indicates they should should be able do the job of maintaining this site. If their skills aren't high enough - there are plenty more well qualified who could be contracted.. CkearOS for some reason just doesn't fix it, for whatever reason.

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, Forum Slow

    6:24 AM UTC on Tuesday, January 7
    Back to being almost unuseable again with frequent timeouts

    This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

    Seven days now since it was reported the go-slow reared its ugly head...
    As Patrick indicated

    Apparently Sr. Management of Clear has no interest in COS

    The Community Leadership page still gives a 404 - but of course since there is no ClearOS Leadership in management capable and willing to look after after their own web-site - it will remain as is - a slow stinking morass of decay...

  • One thing to be aware of...
    With tcp4 addresses being scare they can move between countries. An ISP here in Australia experienced unexpected growth and become short of tcp4 addresses. They bough an allocation from an ISP in New Zealand. Thus some some users here in Australia suddenly found their location had suddenly become reported as in NZ, much to their annoyance...