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Hi all,

I just reinstalled my gateway COS box (7.1), but whenever I try to register from a client, nothing happens.
After I attempted to register, when I attempt to connect to the webconfig I get a white screen ... also on my COS box and I only see a mouse, but no Interface or login screen.
Rebooting the COS box does not solve the problem ... also when choosing an older kernel.

I can ping my COS box and I do have Internet access from my clients, but I cannot update or do anything.
I am also able to connect to my COS box with WinSCP & PuTTy.
Earlier I was able to register, upgrade, install etc, but now I attempted reinstalling for the 5th time ... without success.

Please advise,


After the 6th attempt I was able to register.
Don't ask me why ... the only change I made was not to reboot after every major update.
It could have been an outside reason.
Sunday, August 09 2020, 09:54 PM
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    Monday, August 10 2020, 07:30 AM - #Permalink
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    There is a problem where the console sometimes white-screens but it is next to impossible to reproduce. I mainly get it when running in libvirt/KVM but it is still rare and normally a reboot solves it. I have one other machine where I occasionally see it, but again it is incredibly rare.
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