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  • This was the response that I got from Zentyal, so there is light at the end of the tunnel:

    Is there anyone who has some experience with Zentyal 7 Development Edition ... ?!?

  • John

    Hi Fred,

    Serviio Pro 2.3 is released and I was wondering if an update can still be made available, even when ClearOS is EOL.

    Thanks in advance.

  • John
    John started a new discussion, Help, I broke my gateway box

    Help, I broke my gateway box

    After doing the following a lot went wrong on my COS box:

    I was suddenly unable to access my box and also the web interface stopped working.
    After a reboot I tried to do a restore, but it got stuck and I lost control of my box again ... no Internet on my LAN.
    I rebooted while the restore process was stuck and then I had Internet again, but the restore process gave a re-ocurring serious error:
    Command execution failed - rhel-autorelabel-mark
    Restarting service: rhel-autorelabel

    After this point I lost Internet from my LAN, WinSCP stopped working and everything crashed again.
    The red box on my COS box was replaced by the emergency mode, so I had no other option then to reboot again.
    After this I was able to access the web interface again, so I am able to boot up, but I am unable to restore my COS box to it's last functioning state.
    I also tried to restore a backup from yesterday, but that gave the same problems.

    Please advice.

  • John
    John replied to a discussion, Dedicated Game Servers on COS

    After this post, I investigated some more into getting Xonotic 0.8.5 running, but I need some help figuring it out.

    This did not work:

    Neither was I able to finish this:
    gdc-client CentOS 7

    Please advice.

  • I admit ... my frustration got the better of me.

    It's good to know that it's not a secure thing to run a website, Worpress or not, on a ClearOS box.
    Maybe I expected to much from a box that's already EOL anyway.
    Thanks for the tips, I will have to look into them and that is going to take a while.

    I have manually executed this command and suddenly a backup started and WP updated:

    7 scheduled tasks are still overdue, so it only partially worked and it generated some error messages.
    I have also used this in crontab so tomorrow I can see if that did the trick.

    I don't think I understand the link you send.
    I got stuck when they wrote that it's bad advice to follow the given instructions, but not even the given solution was clear to me.
    All I could find was a link to this Python script:
    gdc-client CentOS 7

    Please advice.

  • John
    John started a new discussion, ClearOS Alternatives

    ClearOS Alternatives

    Hi all,

    This is my attempt to write a guide for different alternatives for ClearOS.
    I will update this first post with the pros and cons of other OS's.
    Feel free to add a new one to the list and please share your thoughts and wishes.

    Greetings from an unsatisfied COS user.

  • I just realized how bad the situation really is and I didn't know where else to post it, but I need to get this of my chest.
    After configuring a new WP 6.1 site for a few weeks I noticed that the cron jobs were not working, so I attempted to manually start it with the following result:

    Yum installing WP 5.1 is a no go area, because it's worse enough to use WP, but to not be able to install it in the root dir, makes it unusable ... and I am not even talking about the security risks involved.

    It's also not possible to run a Xonotic 0.8.5 server:

    For now I am required to run version 0.8.2.

    This (and other reasons) made me come to the conclusion that I really need a new and improved server OS, but I would not know where to start.
    This is unacceptable, so as soon as I have an alternative I will no longer be using COS ... ever again ... not even if they make a new version.
    COS is a disgrace and I wish I started over months ago, because that's how long it takes me to get a grasp of the basics of a new OS.

  • John
    John replied to a discussion, Dedicated Game Servers on COS

    Hi all,

    All 4 game servers are up and running ... :D
    2 of them I still have to start manually, because I can't make a service out of them, so I start them like this:

    Please advice, so I can mark this thread as resolved.

  • John
    John's reply was accepted as an answer

    Re: Openfire chatrooms integrated in website

    Hi all,

    I eventually managed to get it working with this HowTo.
    Still have a lot of questions, but for now I am satisfied.

  • John

    Hi all,

    I eventually managed to get it working with this HowTo.
    Still have a lot of questions, but for now I am satisfied.