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Hello all,

I've a project on which I've to connect a COS Server to a Windows 2003 AD, join the domain as Domain Controller and once its done stop the Microsoft server. So I installed a new COS Server 7.1, installed and configured the SAMBA directory and joined it sucessfully to the Microsoft AD domain. Now, when I connect to my Windows server and open the MMC 'Active directory users and computers', my COS server is dispayed in the Domain Controllers folder :) Great !

Before shutting down my Microsoft server, I wanted to check if I can retrieve my users, groups and computers from my COS server but didnt found any applications to manage them. In my web administration, under System -> users or groups, I have the following error displayed : Invalid DN Syntax ... so don't know what to do. Is my clearos really connected to the Active Directory ? If I stop my windows server, will Clearos be able to authenticate users and computers ?
Wednesday, January 20 2016, 05:09 PM
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