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  • thanks very much Nick,

    The tool should alreday been in the ClearOS system, because homedirectory is created when we add a new user from the web console ...;)
    I'll dig on the link you sent to me :)
    Thanks again.

  • Create automatically home folder for new ldap entry

    Hello all,

    I receive every night a file with about 1500 people (students and teachers) for my school. I was able using lsc project to synchronize this file with my OpenLDAP of Clearos. So everything, new entries are created, updates are made and old entries are deleted.
    The only thing I can't make is, for every new user entry, creating the home user folder. Is there a special attributes in the LDAP schema to automatize this ?
    Per advance, thanks for your help

  • ok, thanks to all for these informations..
    It seems very interesting .. but I wonder I would habe time to dig there and especially to maintain the system during updates, etc ...

    But thanks to all for your help :)

  • Arnaud Forster
    Arnaud Forster replied to a discussion, Different subnets on 1 VLAN

    Hello Nick, yes sorry, I didnt see your answers. I'm wainting for an answer but yes, probably the switches act dhcp relays with the option 'dhcp-helper'... I'll post on the address you submitted ;

  • dnsmasq, manage different subnets ?

    Hello all,

    I'll have to manage (dhcp) a specific vlan of our school. This vlan is multi-site (3) managed by cisco routers (same lan). Every site has it's own subnet. I need to configure my dchp to a attrib different IP adresses according to the vlan the request comes from. It seems (I'mw waiting for the confirmation of that) that the routers have the dhcp-helper activated to route the dhcp requests to my dhcp server. Is
    If enter the dhcp-option=eth1,xxx and all parameters for my different subnets, will it be enought to deliver different ip addresses on each subnet ?

    2. It seems that dnsmasq is made for small networks ,, so would it be possible to replace dnsmas with another dhcp system ( isc-dhcp for example) ?
    thanks to all

  • Arnaud Forster
    Arnaud Forster started a new discussion, Different subnets on 1 VLAN

    Different subnets on 1 VLAN

    Hello all,

    In my school, i will have to manage the DHCP leases for 1 VLAN. The problem I have is that my VLAN is deployed on 3 different sites and it seems (I dont have accees on them) that the different switches do the IP routing.
    so, it is possible that my DHCP server manage 3 differents subnets and distributes the addresses according to the ip of the switch requesting it?

    thanks to all for your help

  • Arnaud Forster
    Arnaud Forster replied to a discussion, Replication of a LDAP Server

    Hello Nick,
    from inside my VLAN, yes I could establish a vpn connection to the outside but the opposite could not be allowed ...they said : no direct access from the outside

  • Arnaud Forster
    Arnaud Forster replied to a discussion, Replication of a LDAP Server

    Hello Nick,
    Thanks very much for your answer. VPN tunnels won't be allowed from my main VLAN, so the option to have the master in the DMZ coule be the solution. Or maybe have the one in my VLAN and the one in my DMZ on the same 'master - level' and the one in the remote site as slave ?

  • Arnaud Forster
    Arnaud Forster started a new discussion, Replication of a LDAP Server

    Replication of a LDAP Server

    Hello all,
    I work for a school and here's my case :

    I need to synchronise my clearos main LDAP server to different slaves at different locations and configurations.

    Here's the situation :

    At the head office of the school, I'm not responsible for the network infrastructure. I just have the management of a specific vlan (without the management of a firewall). Inside this vlan, I've a Cleaors acting as a dhcp and ldap server to authenticate MAC computers. Everynight, my ldap is synchronized with an export of a udge AD system from my government . So, this first ClearOS is my master. Inside that VLAN, I'd lo install a second system in case of failure.

    I'm not allowed to do any incoming communication from the internet in this vlan. However, I do have a DMZ available. So I would like to install a second server in my DMZ for replication. In my DMZ, I'll have other servers (like Moodle) wich are going to connect to my LDAP for the authentication ; so they'll have to authenticate to the one installed in my DMZ.

    Finally, I've a part of the school in another city. There, I've a clearos system acting as a gateway and I've the full control of the infrastructure. I'd like that the ldap of this system is the slave of the one in my DMZ (students and teachers are the same).

    So, is it possible to install 4 clearOS system (2 in my main vlan), 1 in my DMZ and 1 (existing) in the other city and configure them in the way : vlan --> DMZ ---> other city ?

    of, for the one in the dmz, can I just install a basic centos server with openldap and than make the same synchronisation : VLAN (Clearos) --> DMZ (basic centos) --> Other city (ClearOS)

    Per advance, thanks for your help
    Arnaud :)

  • Yes you're right, but with the configuration of the doc I get the same result ... :(

    I think the problem is as you said : the socket permission.

    But I'm really lost here.. doesnt know howto check that ... I'll have to make some research about that ;)
    Thanks for your help :)