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***This is a great addition to ClearOS.***

I understand it to be a third party application and therefor not heavily supported by ClearOS and there is not much documentation online from the developer (being open source you can read the code and figure it out) I hope this post answers some questions that users may have.

I have it scheduled and running well and am quite satisfied with the results.

1. I am only using one disk but you should be able to have several, if I understand correctly it will write your /home, /var/flexshare/shares and configuration to the disk. The next day, regardless of the disk attached (disks must be initialized via BMBackup console) it writes all those files to the usb disk and deletes the last backup once complete.

2. For appx 500G, this takes appx. 7 hrs to write (USB 3.0) (reading from a raid 10)

3. You should be able to contact the developer here

4. You can specify any excludes at /usr/clearos/apps/bmbackup/deploy/bmbackup.php for me this was important because I also use BackupPC and for storage purposes had set the top_dir to /home/BackupPC and don't want to write it to the backup disk.

To add an exclude: Find Line 414-> attr = '--exclude=*.rpmnew --exclude=*.rpmsave --exclude=*blackists* --ignore-failed-read -cpzf ';
Change to: attr = '--exclude=*.rpmnew --exclude=*.rpmsave --exclude=*blackists* --exclude=/home/BackupPC --exclude=/home/backuppc --ignore-failed-read -cpzf ';

You can exclude any path you like, just add --exclude=/path/to/exclude

5. [bmbackup warning: could not retrieve old backup file names] will show up in the log when you run for the first time. Its just a warning telling you that there are not any backups yet on disk. It should not happen again once you write the first backup and can see it listed for restore in the console

6. Due to a bug, you may not get the notifications, if this is the case, you may need to navigate to the bmb configuration page and select "Disable" on the notifications form
and click update, followed immediately by changing to "Enabled" and providing your email. If it still will not store your email address, you can manually edit /etc/clearos/bmbackup.d/email.conf -> to look like this:


These were my findings and I hope they help you get this app working well.

A big thanks to the developer, Mahmood Khan for sharing his work with the community and to the team at ClearOS for implementing it.
Monday, August 29 2016, 05:24 PM
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    Monday, October 30 2017, 09:47 AM - #Permalink
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    Is there a way that you can safely eject the currently attached USB drive and insert another?
    I tend to want to have 1 disk per day and change the disk in the morning so I have a set of daily backups that can be taken off site in case we have a disaster.
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    Tuesday, March 03 2020, 11:19 AM - #Permalink
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    The USB disk is subject to umount at the end of the backup so should be safe to just pull.
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