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I used the Dropbox app for some time now with my private Dropbox account. We now got a Dropbox Business account and I merged my private account with the business account. On the Windows Dropbox app the "Business" folders and my "private" folders are synced separately.

Now the issue is that on the ClearOS Dropbox app I get 2 folders with all the data twice, one called just Dropbox and one Dropbox (company name), both of them containing all data. What do I need to do to only get all the data just once?

As a test I deleted all data on the server and uncoupled the Dropbox account. After connecting and syncronizing again both folders appeared again with both having all data doubled.

I realized when I connected the ClearOS app to Dropbox, that it told me that the Dropbox app is outdated. Is that the case?

Thank you for your help.

Best wishes,

Sunday, October 07 2018, 06:23 PM
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