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New App Available: Static IPsec VPN - Free and Paid

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We are happy to announce the availability of the Static IPsec VPN app from Tim Burgess!  This app makes it possible to create IPsec VPN connections between your ClearOS system and third party systems including Cisco, Sonicwall, Linksys, pfSense, Watchguard and others.  Static IPsec VPN also supports road warriors, dynamic tunnel management, dead peer detection, advanced settings for IKE, ESP, etc, and more.  The app is available in ClearOS Marketplace for a one-time price of $50 and includes forum support -- a place to find help with interoperability, security and fine tuning.  

A basic version is also available for free.  If you need to connect your ClearOS system to other ClearOS systems, the free version will get you up and running.  Though there's no support for dynamic IPs and the software is provided as-is, it is certainly a great solution for non-mission critical scenarios.  For those of you looking for support for dynamic IPs and need mission critical reliability for ClearOS-to-ClearOS connections, check out Dynamic VPN -- a free app included in ClearOS Professional Basic/Standard/Premium.


A CLEAR New OS Concept.

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This blog posted courtesy of ClearFoundation Community Member Shane Shields. Originally posted on Toolbox for IT


First of all I guess I should do the obligatory disclosure according to the American FTC which is just a guide but has lawful penalties (how do they figure that one out?) I received this product for free from the Clear Foundation. In return I am going to do a review of their product.

That being said they are giving their product away for free to everyone. In typical Open Source business model it is the service they are charging for. The product? The new release of the beta version of their latest ClearOS(5.1). I found out about this when their marketing manager Aaron contacted me here on ITtoolbox and basically just said check out what we did and tell me what you think.

Well since it was no skin off of my nose to download their ISO image and whack it into a VirtualBox session I did so. While I was trying to download it I hopped over to their website and had a peek and poke around (aah the old basic days, sigh). What I saw intrigued me to say the least. I was expecting just another fork of another Linux distribution. You know the standard Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE, RedHat type of thing. One thing was evident was that these people were definitely thinking out of the box.