12 MAY

Introducing the all new ClearBOX 700 Series Hybrid Smart Server

ClearCenter is excited to announce the release of the all new ClearBOX 700, Hybrid Smart Servers. This long awaited addition to the ClearBOX lineup delivers Hybrid IT, inclusive of enterprise functions, at small business prices. With life timing is everything, and with technology we know the timing for turn-key, smart, hybrid technology is now, and ClearBOX 700 is making this possible.

More Info: ClearBOX 700

The ClearBOX 700 Series provides a turn-key solution for running, deploying and managing virtual server instances utilizing the patented ClearVM technology, in addition to providing ClearOS pre-installed for all server, network and gateway functions. These Hybrid Smart Servers provide a vast array of functionality for small, medium, distributed, and enterprise environments.

The ClearBOX 700 offers includes:
  • ClearVM, Standard Edition Licensing for 3 years
  • ClearOS, Business Edition Licensing for 3 years
  • Up to 32 Cores of CPU Power
  • Up to 1TB of Memory
  • Up to 72TB of Capacity
  • RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50 Configurations
  • Optional Cluster Configurations