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Vote ClearCenter | Best Hybrid Cloud Solution

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Vote for ClearCenter . 

Select the 'Add' link next to ClearCenter and scroll down and select 'Vote'.


Why Vote for ClearCenter?

ClearCenter is dedicated to, and a pioneer in Hybrid Cloud technology and services sector. ClearCenter provides a unique ability to quickly and seamlessly deploy hybrid solutions in almost any environment.

Hybrid IT is the delivery of IT applications and services through a seamless integration of cloud and on-premise resources. Hybrid IT leverages the best elements of cloud applications and services as well as on-premise security and efficiency to offer the most productive open source IT platform available.

Hybrid Cloud Technology (Cloud Applications & Cloud Services) is bringing sophisticated and complex applications to global IT at ever lower costs - some for free. On Premise resources can therefore be consolidated to critical network, gateway and server functions. Combined with the evolution of comprehensive Open Source Applications and Open Source Services, Hybrid IT is a dominating trend that is yielding the highest performance for the lowest cost. Hybrid IT harnesses the strength of these three growth trends - (1) cloud computing, (2) on premise applications and services and the ever strengthening (3) Open Source movement.

The open source revolution in the software industry has made it possible to provide ClearOS software at no cost. Among other features, anti-virus, anti-spam, VPN and content filtering are built right into the software. With ClearOS, you can avoid costly vendor lock-in and proprietary formats; instead, you can embrace open standards and protocols as well as the ability to develop new features and integrated with existing systems using the Open Source software.

Dominating IT trends evolve from a combination of IT growth trends in the global IT market. Recent growth trends include Open Source Software and Open Source Services, and Cloud Applications and Cloud Services, and the consolidation of on-premise resources. Hybrid IT is a dominating trend evolving from decades of momentum and development around these key growth trends.

So again, why vote for ClearCenter?  Because ClearCenter has been and will continue to be a global leader in Hybrid Cloud Solutions. vidmate



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