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ClearFoundation moving soon.

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ClearFoundation and ClearCenter will be moving soon to a new website. We are making this change in order to improve search and exposure of ClearOS to the world. There are several improvements that are being made and some that are still on the table for development. The forums will be locked soon. If you have a pressing issue, feel free to ask on the #clearfoundation room in IRC chat on Our goal is to complete this step so that we can be properly ready for the types of communication that will be essential for the release of ClearOS 7!

- This move consolidates the Wiki data and documentation. We will no longer have fragmented documentation between ClearCenter and ClearFoundation. We invite people to contribute to the wiki and to write howtos and knowledgebase articles. For access to this system, contact me! New indexing is also being added to content on the website which will be able to facilitate more dynamic linking between clearinghouses and content.

- User account consolidation. For the first little while, you will need to put your ClearFoundation and ClearCenter credentials into your web session. In the future this and other authentication mechanisms will be consolidated into a unified authentication mechanism...more to come on this subject later.

- Updated look and feel. A redesign should make it easier to navigate and to get around. Other systems, like the bug tracker and translation services will also eventually merge into this design.

- Improved change control and backup. We are setting up the ability to not only structure changes to the underlying code in a more efficient manner, be we are improving the backup capabilities of all of the sites so that they follow a more robust model. This will allow for quicker recoveries in case of data loss.

- Better integration with web objects means that it will be easier to maintain content.

- Better multilanguage support. While some elements are not present at the initial release, the site is more capable with working with modern localization mechanisms which are coming soon.

- Much much more

We welcome all feedback with the new site and hope to hear from you all very soon.

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  • Clear has become the choice of all the best companies, and online workers. The Wizessay also mentioned this at their website. Thanks a lot for sharing such information about your traverse. This would be very helpful for everyone. People are searching for more options in the clear OS as the future updates as well.

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