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Cast Your Wishes - ClearOS Home

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Cast your wish for ClearOS Home edition and help focus the scope, features and road map priority. 



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During the past 20 years, Michael has helped start and grow numerous successful companies in the IT sector. Prior to founding ClearCenter (an IT Delivery Platform) & ClearFoundation (an IT Operating System) he started DirectPointe (an IT services company, now owned by HP & C7). He also helped launch and establish Calculated Research & Technology, way back in 1995 :). Michael is a creator and knows how to produce results by rounding-up great teams and helping them to focus on simple yet measurable, transparent goals. In addition, Michael has successfully acquired & integrated many great IT companies including iTOK, Center7 (Helpdesk & NOC), STI, System Works, S3 & Witsbits.

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  • What more can be said that was not covered above???
    An easy way to add functions via the web I/F for headless systems

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  • CPU and HDD temp monitoring along with smart monitoring and maybe a heartbeat for cable modem users.

    I have been reading through Tony Ellis site which has most of the tools required

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  • @weimar - you must have a very large family ;-)

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  • In the user module would be nice to have a search engine for finding users by name, last name etc

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  • How about an atom powered clearbox for home users

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  • I agree with herballizard, ClearOS really really needs a module for NUT. If there was a way to fully manage NUT via the web interface it would be heaven. ClearOS x64 + phpVirtualbox/virtualbox module + NUT module would be a perfect OS in my opinion.

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  • The ability to build domains and login scripts for linux and windows based OS-es so that setting up a home domain server becomes a lot easier as well as the ability to let the server host the domain structures that comes with "cough" vista and Win we can build our small / medium home networks with ease.

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  • How about an easy way to add static routes and the ability to allow or disallow icmp reply on the WAN interface.

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  • maybe some other DDNS service built in (, etc...)

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  • I wish
    fully working Radius Server
    auto generate username & password
    bandwidth limiter (QoS) by username & usergroup

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