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Michael Proper & Dave Loper To Appear On TWIT’s Floss Weekly Show

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Michael Proper, ClearCenter CEO and Dave Loper, ClearFoundation President, will appear tomorrow on This Week in Tech's (TWIT) FLOSS Weekly Show to discuss some of the upcoming features in ClearOS and ClearCenter offerings. You can watch or listen to the show’s taping live tomorrow Wednesday, June 1 at 9:30 a.m. PST at or you can download the show at a day or two later. TWIT has an IRC chat room that can be reached directly at channel #twitlive if you'd like to ask questions for Michael or follow along with commenters during the live show.

TWIT's FLOSS Weekly is hosted by Randal Schwartz and a rotating panel of co-hosts every Wednesday as they talk with the most interesting and important people in the Open Source and Free Software community. Visit for more information.


ClearFoundation Appoints President Loper

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ClearFoundation's Community Oversight Committee is pleased to announced today that Dave Loper has been named President of ClearFoundation. Mr. Loper will manage the development and maintenance of the ClearFoundation community. His technology background and expertise will be valuable in defining the future plans and continued flourishment of ClearFoundation and ClearOS.

We would like to thank John Terpstra for his service and involvement with ClearFoundation. We appreciate his continued insight into Linux and the open source community.


ClearCenter Signs Simple Soft Products As Exclusive Partner For The Benelux Region

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Simple Soft Products signs Value Added Distributor Agreement after success with ClearOS and ClearBOX Solutions

San Antonio, TX - September 1, 2010 - ClearCenter, a leading provider of open source Linux Server, Network and Gateway solutions, welcomed Simple Soft Products today as an Exclusive Value Added Distributor in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) region.

“Simple Soft Products brings the kind of resources, commitment and expertise ClearCenter needs in the Benelux region”, said Michael Proper, CEO of ClearCenter. He added, “The ClearCenter Partner program allows partners like Simple Soft Products to build a valuable business with ClearCenter Linux Server, Network and Gateway solutions. We look forward to working with Jeroen Goorts and his team to bring ClearOS, ClearBOX and ClearCenter services to the Benelux region.”

“Since 1996, Simple Soft Products has provided high quality IT solutions that are simple and affordable for the end user”, said Jeroen Goorts, founder and director at Simple Soft Products. “Appropriate to this mission, we continually look for systems and solutions that fulfill those tasks and find that ClearCenter fits perfectly. We are excited to standardize and deploy ClearCenter services, ClearOS and ClearBOX for partners and customers in the Benelux region.”

Simple Soft Products will inventory ClearBOX servers as well as recruit and train regional partners. Simple Soft Products will also translate the ClearCenter site into Dutch and assist in marketing ClearCenter and ClearFoundation in the Benelux region.

About ClearCenter

ClearCenter, based in Salt Lake City, UT - U.S.A. and Toronto, Ontario - Canada, provides professional products and services for ClearOS, an open source Linux server distribution with Network, Gateway and Server features that can be tailored to the needs of small IT environments that is simple, secure & affordable. ClearOS is installed in more than 140 countries in over 20 languages. ClearCenter updates software, content and services for ClearOS using ClearSDN, a cloud based Service Delivery Network deployed in data centers around the globe. For more information about ClearCenter, visit or call 1+801.851.5555.

For more information about Simple Soft Products, visit


The Samba-Microsoft Bug Is Dead

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Many thanks go out to a number of people who have helped to close a bug which caused an error message to display when joining a Samba domain. What is significant and noteworthy about this bug and the resolution is that it required a team of people to solve it from multiple companies. The bug is described here at this link.

I'd like to thank the partners of ClearCenter who originally reported the bug, the Samba team members who confirmed and tested the bug, and special thanks to the engineers at Microsoft who found the solution.

David Loper

VP Technology, ClearCenter

ClearCenter Details Hybrid Service Provider Strategy At CompTIA Breakaway 2010

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ClearCenter’s ClearBOX and ClearOS on-premise solutions integrate seamlessly with cloud-based applications and services such as Google Apps.

San Antonio, TX - August 9, 2010 - ClearCenter, a leading provider of open source Linux Server, Network and Gateway solutions, today detailed its Hybrid Service Provider strategy during the “Selling the Green IT Promise” panel discussion at CompTIA Breakaway 2010. ClearCenter’s ClearBOX 300 is a power efficient Linux server that consolidates all on-premise Server, Network and Gateway functionality with integrated cloud based services including Google Apps, Remote Server Backup, Content Filter Update, Dynamic VPN and more.

“From its inception, ClearBOX was designed to integrate cloud based services with on-premise solutions for Network, Server and Gateway functionality,” said Micheal Proper, CEO, ClearCenter. He continued, “Most applications are moving to the cloud, but there will always be on-premise Server, Network and Gateway functionality. ClearBOX 300 elegantly provisions services, updates, monitoring, and backup through ClearSDN - ClearCenter’s cloud based Service Delivery Network.”

Hybrid cloud is widely understood as a combination of public, community or private cloud applications offered under a measured or monthly service model. ClearCenter’s ClearBOX 300 operates on-premise to perform critical functions on the local area network while seamlessly integrating cloud based services and applications. Hybrid cloud solutions can also create mirrored or duplicate services for both LAN and Internet based environments, so that applications and data are always available in the case of loss of connection or disaster recovery.

ClearBOX fulfills the “green” IT promise by consolidating all on-premise Server, Network and Gateway functions into a single hardware appliance to dramatically reduce the eco-footprint and energy requirements for the small or distributed business. What used to require an entire IT server rack for a small business - Gateway, VPN, file server, print server, application servers and more - is now replaced by a single, power efficient server integrated with cloud based applications and services.

ClearCenter Partners gain from the Hybrid Service Provider cloud strategy by providing more than valuable consulting and configuration services for ClearCenter solutions. The hybrid cloud strategy also enables recurring revenue from both ClearCenter services and cloud based applications. ClearCenter Partners are experts in creating the appropriate hybrid cloud environment for each customer based upon their individual needs, applications and security requirements.


ClearBOX Now Running ClearOS 5.2

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ClearBOX running ClearOS 5.2 is released! This release includes new features and utilities. Some of these features are contributions from community members and innovations at ClearCenter labs.

In addition to the great features provided by ClearOS 5.2, ClearBOX 300 now features:

  • Ability to reinstall the system without a network connection using on-board data.

  • Ability to reinstall the system and preserve user data on the user partition. This includes preserving home directories, flexshares, databases, websites, and other user data.

  • Simplified installer. Installer typically now asks for language and keyboard type only (the install image knows it's a ClearBOX).

  • Working rescue mode selectable from boot menu.

  • Addition of Parted Magic graphical disk utilities selectable from boot menu (props to the Parted Magic team for an awesome set of tools).

  • Reinstall now automatically adds ClearBOX features and packages.

  • System and user data partitions are now configured with LVM by default.

  • Single drive systems configured as 'broken mirror' which facilitates quick mirroring for migration scenarios in disaster recovery situations.

ClearBOX is an all inclusive ClearOS appliance solution for businesses and users. Get the most out of ClearOS, get yours today!


ClearOS Scores A 9 Out Of 10 In The Linux Format Firewall Roundup!

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It's nice to get high marks for our ease of use and integrated services!  Linux Format Magazine, the top Linux magazine in the UK, just published (June issue, page 30) their roundup of firewall distros.

From the review:  "ClearOS is by far the sleekest looking firewall distribution...But this distribution is about a lot more than sleek looks."

They found ClearOS to be easy to use and full of extra services to run your network.  Clearly the ClearOS setup, interface and configuration scores high in the roundup.  We'll keep working on it!

Get the magazine here:


ClearOS Enterprise 5.1 User Guide...Now Available In All Its Glory

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We know you've been asking for more documentation and we've delivered.  ClearOS Enterprise 5.1 now has a much more robust user guide.  It's available on the ClearCenter website.


The user guide includes:

  • System Preparation
  • Install/Post Install
  • Directory Modules
  • Network Modules
  • Gateway Modules
  • Server Modules
  • System Modules
  • Reports
  • Appendix



Schwarzenegger Endorses ClearOS!

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Its always open season on the execs on April 1st! The ClearCenter Team conspired to trick our fearless leader Michael Proper with an endorsement by Arnold Schwarzenegger! With a bit of creative programming and some bold faced plagiarism, we mocked up a fully functional copy of the Sacramento Bee web site in our internal servers and spiced up a recent Arnold quote with a raving endorsement of ClearOS! We even included a few juicy comments by celebs and a photo caption!

We had him until he hit the April fool's date at the end of the article. Good for a laugh!

Happy April Fool's Day from ClearCenter!

See Screenshots of the prank below.

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Call For Participation From The Russian Community

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The following is an excerpt from a message read last week in our first developers web conference.  The ClearFoundation exists to facilitate collaboration between all types of peoples and cultures to advance the usability and proliferation of ClearOS around the world.

"My name is Valeria and I am representing Pavel Vorko from Dimitrovgrad (Russia) and Maxim Savin from Moscow (Russia) who are here to represent the Russian speaking community of ClearOS and we are glad to greet all members of the ClearFoundation.

We realize the large scope and significance of the project. We also understand that the founders and developers expect active participation and contribution from the international community. We are ready to collaborate with ClearFoundation in the following ways:

  • Provide help in project organization and interacting between our communities.
  • Revision of existing modules/components, development of additional modules, and the distribution of ClearOS in Russia and neighboring countries.
  • Teaching and certifying of computer professionals and creating resource materials for Russian speaking people.

We would like to thank all the members for your attention."


ClearCenter Gives To Mercy Corps

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One of our customers is Mercy Corps in Portland, OR.  They are a global relief agency helping those in need around the world.  During a recent conversation, they described their first hand knowledge of the devastation in Haiti.  They are on the ground delivering needed supplies and resources.

Haiti's capital city is said to be "flattened," and officials say the number of dead may top 100,000.

Mercy Corps is deploying a team of relief workers to the island to help meet survivors' most urgent needs -- like shelter, food and clean water. They've responded to dozens of disasters like this in the past, such as earthquakes in Peru in 2007, in Pakistan and China in 2008, and in Padang, Indonesia last year.

ClearCenter began a donation page to Mercy Corps to help with funds for their efforts in Haiti.  Please check out the ClearCenter Gives page for more info -- -- and please consider making a gift on behalf of their campaign.

Thank you!  The ClearCenter Team


The Small Business Server Replacement is Clear(OS)

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 Microsoft still has a stranglehold on the desktop and servers for small business. While wheels are in motion for the former, the answer to the latter may already be here.

When it comes to the Internet, Linux is a big win.

Mail and web servers, databases, computational clusters and supercomputers all belong to the domain of free software. When it comes to embedded devices, Linux is also king of the roost.

There are two main areas where Linux has still not broken through, however - the desktop and servers for small business. Many small to medium enterprises are already “Microsoft shops” because the desktops run Windows. To break in, Linux needs to slot into these environments without causing a fuss.

Certainly the cloud is offering one solution to this problem, but not all companies are willing to put their sensitive data on-line and in the hands of another. So, a market for local servers to perform these functions is still alive and well.

The requirements

Part of the reason that Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) is attractive is that it includes many core features required by a company, out of the box. Important services like central authentication, email, file and print sharing and web. Perhaps most important of all is calendaring. It’s something which businesses simply cannot survive without and has been a thorn in the side of Linux based alternatives for a long time.

Here’s a quick glance at some of the main features included with SBS:

  • Centralized Authentication (LDAP)
  • Primary Domain Controller (Samba)
  • File and Print Services (Samba and CUPS)
  • Mail (SMTP, POP, IMAP, Webmail)
  • Calendaring (Kolab groupware)
  • Webserver (Apache)
  • Firewall plus intrusion protection (iptables, Snort)
  • Antimalware (Clam Antivirus, Antiphishing, Antispyware)
  • Antispam (Spamassassin)
  • Database (MySQL)
  • Virtual Private Network (IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP)
  • Web Proxy (Squid)

The complexity of these individual components is hidden behind the web based management interface, where users can simply turn on and off these modules as required.

While users are encouraged to administer the system via the provided management interface, it is also designed to be extensible. The back end is not hidden away, but offered up in plain sight for admins to get right in and change things if they want to. Various how-tos provide details on how to perform extra functions, such as enabling shell access for users.

ClearOS supports external modules, that is extra services outside of those included by default. This is part of the design goal of the operating system which will hopefully foster collaboration and increase its range of useful features. It is possible to replace the default groupware server with a more sophisticated one or even create new custom modules, such is the flexibility.

The included Kolab groupware server is reasonable, however it appears that a connector for Outlook must be purchased separately, such as that from Toltec or KONSEC. A feature rich, but rather unattractive, web client is also included via Horde. Linux users can have native support through KDE’s Kontact application, or Mozilla’s Thunderbird and the Sync Kolab addon.

The installer is straight forward and supports both hardware and software RAID. During installation the user is able to select a number of services to include, however these can also be configured at a later stage via the web management interface.

The web-based management interface is very intuitive and easy to follow. Server features are broken up into sections, such as Directory, Network, System and Gateway, where admins can configure various components thereof. Everything, from adding a user to configuring an IPSec VPN is a matter of a few simple steps. Within 5 minutes an administrator can have a fully functional Windows domain server, with all the bells and whistles. Pretty neat, eh?

Also built into the interface are various reports, such as the state of system resources, traffic usage and analysis, mail and web server statistics, as well as good old system logs.

ClearOS Web Management Interface

It would be good to see some improvements in the interface, to provide greater feedback. While installing packages for example, the interface appears to be doing nothing, while it is in fact downloading or installing. Reading the install log makes sense, but only if you know what you’re looking for. It would be great to see a simple feedback method in addition to the log. A rotating orange swirl while performing the task would suffice, turning green upon completion. It’s also a shame that there is no 64 bit version, however this might come at a later date if warranted.

Despite this, ClearOS is truly a decent replacement for Windows SBS. It has all the features yet is simple to manage and has the full power of Linux and free software right behind it.


Read Entire Article Here


ClearOS 5.1 Final Version and ClearSDN Beta Released

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ClearOS 5.1 software and ClearSDN services are live!  
We're live and the doors are open!  ClearFoundation released the ClearOS Enterprise 5.1 final version,  and ClearCenter has opened ClearSDN services (beta) for business.  We want to thank all the beta testers, partners and customers who have offered such valuable feedback on the launch of the products and services.  Enjoy!
What's new:
  • Antiphishing
  • Windows 7 Support
  • Graphical Console Tool
  • Improved Usability and Web Interface
In addition, the following new services from ClearSDN are now available:
Now you can download the leading network and gateway server for small business and distributed environments with ClearSDN services and ClearCARE support from ClearCenter.  More information is provided in the following links:

ClearOS Sneak Peek....Exclusive Screenshots

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We thought we'd drop you all an early Christmas gift and release some screenshots of the new ClearOS interface.  We won't say when it will be released....just that it is coming soon! 

The interface has been tested in all major browsers and will be accessible via netbook, laptop, desktop, tablet and even mobile devices (Android/iPhone).

You'll notice that we've changed up the menu items a bit.  This reflects the  complete solution ClearOS brings to SMBs to manage every layer of the LAN environment:

  • Network Layer
  • Gateway Layer
  • Server Layer 

ClearOS Is Coming....

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After living in beta for over a month, the time is drawing near for the final version release of ClearOS 5.1!  The usual suspects have been working very hard to ensure that the software is ready to go.  ClearFoundation is excited to share this new release with the world, and it will be available very soon.  Stay tuned to for updates. Read more...

A CLEAR New OS Concept.

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This blog posted courtesy of ClearFoundation Community Member Shane Shields. Originally posted on Toolbox for IT


First of all I guess I should do the obligatory disclosure according to the American FTC which is just a guide but has lawful penalties (how do they figure that one out?) I received this product for free from the Clear Foundation. In return I am going to do a review of their product.

That being said they are giving their product away for free to everyone. In typical Open Source business model it is the service they are charging for. The product? The new release of the beta version of their latest ClearOS(5.1). I found out about this when their marketing manager Aaron contacted me here on ITtoolbox and basically just said check out what we did and tell me what you think.

Well since it was no skin off of my nose to download their ISO image and whack it into a VirtualBox session I did so. While I was trying to download it I hopped over to their website and had a peek and poke around (aah the old basic days, sigh). What I saw intrigued me to say the least. I was expecting just another fork of another Linux distribution. You know the standard Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE, RedHat type of thing. One thing was evident was that these people were definitely thinking out of the box.


ClearFoundation Attends Utah Open Source Conference

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This past week ClearFoundation made an appearance at the Utah Open Source Conference.  It was a great opportunity to show off ClearOS!

Thursday was full of booth visitors, classes and meeting new friends, and later that night the opensource learning came to a pause, and a new sort of education ensued, a Lego building competition! The ClearFoundation team recreated a scene from Dune. We didn't win, but had a lot of fun! After the Legos were put away, we enjoyed Ignite Salt Lake, which consisted of ten five minute talks on various subjects. We were dazzled with a lot of useful information on topics ranging from traditional music from Bali to why we can't allow robots to take over the world.  Saturday the whole family was invited. Family day activities included pizza, and games for the kids.

We made some great new friends who are now becoming contributing members of the ClearFoundation community.

ClearFoundation continues to focus on growing the opensource community and driving awareness around ClearOS.  We are committed to maintaining the integrity of the open and free nature of ClearOS and engaging community developers and end-users. 


ClearOS 5.1 Beta Launches

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ClearOS 5.1 Beta is hot out of the oven and ready to be downloaded!  Come and get it!

We are excited to announce that ClearOS 5.1 Beta has just been released.  This is an important day for the ClearFoundation Community as we take the next step on our journey together.

ClearOS 5.1 Beta is available for immediate download at this link:


You are invited to evaluate ClearOS 5.1 Beta and join in the growing community surrounding the most tightly integrated and simple IT solution for small businesses and distributed environments.

ClearOS 5.1 Beta is based upon a fifth generation Linux distribution (historically know as Clark Connect) with over 120,000 registered sites.  ClearOS 5.1 Beta is available in over 20 languages in 120 countries,  with over 200 partners world-wide.


ClearOS 5.1 Beta works in tandem with ClearSDN to deliver cloud services such as dynamic VPN client, dynDNS, multiwan, offsite backup, antivirus firewall, spam blocker, webfilter, cloud application integration and more.