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ClearOS Community/Professional 6.8.0 Final Release Notes

Released: January 3, 2017

ClearOS Community 6.8.0 Final is here! This version features improvements and bug fixes. ClearOS 6.8 continues extended support and no further features for this version are anticipated.

The ISO for ClearOS 6.8 will be released with the general release of ClearOS 6.8.0 Professional. Please see this guide for information on the changes to the build release process: Verified ISOs


See the Downloads page.

ISO Images

64-bit Professional657 MB9c35b164852ff829d64721685d574fdad477b2d6bd84362599111cf6a5de6c1d
32-bit Professional562 MBd2d526d65b825204d1395cb7ea4f38782f8fdeb2fe90dfa4392028a8c734930d
64-bit Community657 MB80d0372d383b342e8b28d2daa8f8f6a8c0f9d3cde0fcb9ea66c807a97b7ea1af
32-bit Community562 MB4e52ee4889d8276b0733ef539cd9099a3077c7b919ae98e118d9e0111c1b50ba

Install ClearOS 6.8.0

Until the release of ClearOS Professional, you will need to install ClearOS 6.7.0 and then run the upgrade after the install.

Upgrade from Earlier ClearOS Community 6.x Releases

To upgrade an existing ClearOS 6.x system to ClearOS 6.8.0, you can run the following command:

yum upgrade

Change Log

For a full list of improvements that have been added, please review the Changelogs here:

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