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Verified ISOs

In the past, ClearOS would release ISOs which accompanied the community version. While this meant that it was advantageous for a release to be conducted via an ISO, the changes to the build process which allows for a single ISO image which can be used to deliver community and business/home versions of ClearOS means that we must side with the ISO being fully compatible with the production versions of ClearOS instead of testing versions.


As packages move from community to verified repos, the code base catches up and ISOs can be made. Because of this, ISOs will typically track with the release of Professional/Business/Home versions of ClearOS rather than with the community version. The build system has been tuned to label ISOs that are cut from either the community or updates/updates-testing repos with a beta nag. These are generally and sporatically placed on the mirror site and can be used by testers to test the ISO build process which includes some of the following test cases:

  • Testing anaconda, the ClearOS installer software
  • Testing drivers
  • Testing kickstart
  • Installation localization
  • Installation personalization


Because of this process, users of ClearOS Community get quality tested packages for the ISO install. For those who wish to install ClearOS between the window of the general release of a new version of Community and the general release of that version in Business/Home/Professtional, Community users should install the previous version and run:

yum upgrade
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