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ClearOS Professional 6.5.0 Final Release Notes

Released: January 16, 2014

ClearOS Professional 6.5.0 has arrived! Along with the usual round of bug fixes and enhancements, this release introduces a new reports engine, a storage manager, an antimalware file scanner, a basic POP/IMAP server, RADIUS, and mail retrieval (fetchmail).

What's New in ClearOS Professional 6.5.0

The following is a list of new features in ClearOS Professional 6.5.0.

The number of apps available in ClearOS can be a bit overwhelming. The ClearOS 6.5.0 release provides some new Marketplace features to help alleviate the situation. The Marketplace Install Wizard now provides 3 install options:

  • For new users, there's a Feature Wizard that steps through various features in ClearOS.
  • For veteran users, the Category Wizard displays apps by category (Server, Network, System and Reports) for quickly selecting what's needed.
  • For MSPs and consultants, the Marketplace Quick Select option provides one-step recipes for deploying customer solutions.


Please see the Downloads page for download information.

Upgrade from ClearOS Professional 6.3.0 and Earlier

ClearOS follows the same release pattern as upstream. There is really only a single “ClearOS 6” version - the minor releases are just snapshots in time with bug fixes, enhancements, etc. If your system has automatic updates enabled, your ClearOS system will have transitioned to ClearOS 6.5.0. For those with automatic updates disabled, upgrading is as simple as running:

yum upgrade

ClearOS 5.2 Differences

For ClearOS 6, the barrier for having an app available in the web interface was raised. If the quality or features in ClearOS 5.2 were not up to the standards of a modern small business server/gateway, the feature was either upgraded or deprecated.

Zarafa for ClearOS

The default groupware and mail solution is now based on Zarafa technology.


Horde/Kolab has been deprecated and is no longer supported. This policy may change in a future ClearOS 6 release.

Advanced Firewall

The Advanced Firewall app was marked as deprecated in version 5.2. It is no longer available. The Custom Firewall can be used as an alternative.


The Dynamic VPN app provides advanced IPsec support in ClearOS Professional. The unmanaged IPsec tool has been replaced by the 3rd party Static IPsec VPN app. The new app is much more powerful than what was provided in ClearOS 5.x!

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