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ClearOS Professional 6.1.0 Alpha 1 Release Information

Released: July 7, 2011

If you do not want to read these release notes (you should!), please at least read the following two bullet items:

  • Please do not run this in a production environment
  • Please do not upgrade from previous versions

For those wanting to run a ClearOS Enterprise 6 test build in a real world environment, please wait for the beta releases. This alpha release is just a sneak preview intended for app developers, translators and curiosity seekers.

If you have not already done so, please review the introduction to test releases.

What's New in Alpha 1

ClearOS Marketplace by ClearCenter

The ClearOS Enterprise 6.1.0 alpha 1 release has arrived! This alpha provides a small window into what's in store for the upcoming release.

For end users, the Marketplace, the fast web interface engine and usability improvements are the highlights of this release. The Marketplace is up and running and a small set of apps can be installed.

For developers, the new ClearOS App Framework is now stable and ready for use. Whether you want to develop a free tool or a paid app, the environment for building new features for ClearOS is much improved.

For translators, the process of translating ClearOS Enterprise can get underway. Please contact if you would like to participate!

Please keep in mind that this is an alpha. Some parts of Alpha 1 are quite polished, while other parts - ahem - need work.

The virtual machine images will likely register back to the default test account. If you want to install apps from the marketplace, please run the following command: /etc/suvad.conf ; rm /var/clearos/marketplace/* -f

Sorry about that!

What's New in ClearOS Enterprise 6.1.0

So what can you expect in the final release of ClearOS Enterprise 6? Along with updating the base system built on source code from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1, this release includes the following major changes. Please note: these features will be rolled out during the alpha/beta phase.

Base System

  • Marketplace
  • Base system built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux * 6.1 source code
  • 64-bit support
  • Graphical installer
  • Intelligent RAID configuration
  • Wireless support (ClearBOX)
  • Windows BDC support
  • App developer framework

New Apps

  • Google Apps synchronization
  • Active Directory connector
  • Master/Slave support
  • Kaspersky Gateway Antivirus
  • Kaspersky Mail Antivirus
  • Kaspersky File Scan
  • Zarafa Standard and Community (coming soon)

Alpha 1 Apps

ClearOS Enterprise 6.1.0 Alpha 1

The apps in Enterprise Alpha 1 may seem like an odd mix, but these were selected to provide a broad cross section of underlying base operating system components.


  • Marketplace


  • Date and Time
  • Language
  • Organization
  • Shutdown - Restart
  • Users
  • Groups


  • Antiphishing
  • Antivirus
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Intrusion Prevention


  • IP Settings (read only)
  • DHCP Server
  • DNS Server
  • RADIUS Server (authentication incomplete)
  • Incoming Firewall
  • Port Forwarding
  • PPTP VPN (authentication incomplete)


  • FTP Server (authentication incomplete)


Please post your feedback in the ClearOS Development and Test Release Forum.


This first alpha release is only available as virtual machine images, 32-bit. Please select one of the following downloads.

Virtual MachineDownloadMD5Sum
VMware Basic - Player, Server, FusionDownload 294bfde3a1ca274a212ef51f3b91072d
VMware Enterprise - vSphere Hypervisor, ESX, ESXiDownload 0df89aa625a61ca2eba7d5061adc7498
VirtualBoxDownload ce43e78b60614c1d68306657477b5167

To use these virtual machine images, please follow the instructions in the User Guide

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