Which ISP do you use?
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As per the title! thought it might be interesting to see, just for the UK

Might also want to include the type, and whether its for business / home Happy


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    Duncan Rix Accepted Answer
    BT business for me, the speed is pritty crap though. 2.5 at best and only the standard 448Kb upload.
    Pritty reliable so far.
    Am hoping to move over to Enta Net as i could then get 888Kb upload. That and BT say my exchange is going ADSL2 in september 2010 YAY!
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    Tim Burgess Accepted Answer
    Hi Duncan, that should speed things up nicely!

    Virgin Media cable here, 10Mbs down / 0.5Mbs up. On the whole very reliable and consistent speeds, shame about the upload though...
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    AndyL Accepted Answer
    Virgin Media at home, 20Mb - very reliable and consistently fast. At work we use Surfwise, which I think are a BT reseller. We have 2 ADSL lines at 2Mb each. Not very fast I know, but we are right at the end of the phone lines. Our offices are in a courtyard of a farm, and we are in a barn! That's rural Dorset for you ...but no traffic, just birds singing.
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    David Clayton Accepted Answer
    Zen Internet ADSL for all our sites - the best ISP in the UK for service and reliability. Quite expensive, but you get what you pay for. Very pleased.
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    David Bellamy Accepted Answer
    Zen Internet via fibre
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    James Nesbitt Accepted Answer
    For me, it is an FTTC connection with Claranet SOHO
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    Duncan Rix Accepted Answer
    Having purchased my first house I'm now on VDSL with eclipse.
    Tech support is brill but they have a bandwidth bucketing system which I did not realize at first.
    Because of this I will be moving to BT business later this year
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    Anthony talks Accepted Answer
    Im currently having to use talktalk which isn't the best when it comes to the speed i get (up 1meg / down 7meg) .. Im soon thinking about going for something like Fibre and even then its not going to be easy to find a good quality service haha
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    Andrew Bundy Accepted Answer
    Gotta say that I'm pretty happy to be in a Virgin Media fibre-enabled area, thus tend to partake of the 200mbps of broadband (and yes, it would appear with with a good site and good e2e bandwidth I do actually get that speed on a good day with a following speed. The router is rubbish, was recently upgraded for a Superhub 2 (for the benefit of DOCSIS3 support) but to be fair, have not used it for anything but a modem/bridge for the last few years.

    I now use it as a modem, with Clearos handling the routing/firewall/content filtering based on an HP Microserver coupled with a second-hand Intel gigabit ethernet 2 port card.

    Am currently banging head against wall trying to set up VLANS and related virtual SSIDs, coupled with smart switches (1x24. 2x5 and 3x8 port) , and two new routers, acting as access points (TP-Link Archer C8's running DD-WRT),

    Our only downside is that my area was the first to be 'cabled' when the pre- pre- pre- Virgin company (nynex) first started out. This has led to dodgy cables, crushed ducting and rotten telephone cables. Though for me, being disabled, the four hour fix at least for the phone is good.

    Customer Service is patchy, but I tend to find a request to be forward to 'retentions' generally gets the job done, as well as a 'please dont leave' in the form of price reduction or upgrade OR switch to otherwise unavailable (to current customers) package.
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