Honestly, I haven't use the content filter built in to ClearOS because I needed a password override and wanted to centralize filtration from my datacenter. I have spoken with ClearCenter about providing a centralized solution, as well. That being said I did enable the ACL function of the firewall today for 3 mac addresses associated with a customers kid systems on a nightly schedule. The solution was really easy to setup and the customer is very happy. This is one of those features that you just can't get with an off the shelf firewall. I know there are some members who have configured the password override feature built into DansGuardian and used by ClearOS and I would love to hear how it works for you.

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    Jim Robinson Accepted Answer
    That would be a nice feature. I have also rolled out a couple of installs that use the LDAP Auth capabilities built into the software - pointed it at both an M$ AD and Novell Netware LDAP server for auth with great results. I also use the IP source address plugin (not documented) at a couple of locations to allow filter group membership by IP address. That works great in an environment with static IP's. All cool stuff you can hack ClearOS to do. (Don't slap me Pete)
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    Wheelz Accepted Answer
    Content filtering and proxy is the main reason for my using clearOS. I would love to get it so I could base filter and proxy settings on MS AD accounts, or better yet groups. Is there a how to on that? If that is done, are the passwords sent over clear text? If so, is there a secure way of doing it?


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    Fernand Jonker Accepted Answer
    I too have used the IP auth plugin - as well as ident. We have used the password bypass before - I'll see if I can look up that code.
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