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Moodle on ClearFoundation...
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Found a couple of posts on this but I am interested in your feedback. I worked with Moodle a couple of years ago when the bird flu epidemic planning swept through the school systems. I haven't touched it since. We recently started working with a school using Moodle extensively and with the Swine flu sweeping the nation principals and educators are beginning to worry once again. Looking for feedback on schools using Moodle on ClearFoundation. Thoughts?

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    Jim Robinson Accepted Answer
    My business partner has installed Moodle on a number of 4.x CC boxes. As far as I know they worked perfectly and without issue. We have a number in the K12 environment still running. The only comment I recall was having to upgrade MySQL to get to the correct version required. That may well be a non-issue with the v5.x now.

    I have one K12 customer that uses Moodle extensively in production: jdmoodle.jeff-davis.k12.ga.us
    This is on a physical Community 4.3 box. Have a poke at it some. No issues with the base OS - in fact I had to go check it was still running I hear so little about it. They are about to put a second in place and tell me that CC will be the choice of OS again.

    Hope that helps sir? If you need more info let me know - they are a good customer and always happy to give back to the community.

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    Jim OBrien Accepted Answer
    Currently we have Moodle installed with a couple of customer but we have not installed on the CC platform. I am highly interested in fine tuning are discussion on what works and what doesn’t work. Our experience with Moodle on systems being pushed heavily by students and teachers is that a tremendous amount of load in combination with bugs causes rather large headaches for our IT managers during critical times.

    Further review of documentation and installations has exposed many different ways and techniques used by the Moodle community to install and or stabilize the Moodle platform.

    Organizations are setting up Moodle on physical and virtual servers on single systems and multiple systems on different types of databases and operating systems and many are using different types of tools and accelerators to serve content up more efficiently.

    It appears there is no right or wrong way to install or use Moodle and once a school hits a point that they are using it and pushing it they end up spending a tremendous amount of resources on keeping the system online.

    We have explored different ways to manage to software and/or install it. If you have installed Moodle on CC please join the conversation so we can develop a clear way to use the Moodle application on ClearOS so that the education community can have a consistent stable platform to launch the solution on.
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