I realized yesterday a policy that we implemented at a couple of schools may not be the best policy out there. We had configured the web filter to bypass teacher machines so they could go where they want to go and do what they want to do (at their request). The problem with that policy is that teachers have just a big a chance on clicking on a bad site or installing an app on their local systems as students do. So, it made me rethink what we have been doing. The better route, I believe, is to white list teacher requested sites so that all systems stay protected. What do you do and what are your thoughts?

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    Michael Requeny Accepted Answer
    Using a different solution students are locked down very well on what they can access--Teachers get access to everything minus webmail, shopping, skin, and any unsafe websites. The ability in ClearOS to block based on group membership would allow a similar configuration.
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    Jim OBrien Accepted Answer
    Good recommendation as far as group membership goes. But should teachers get access to everything except what you listed? Our issue is that we spend just as much time repairing infected teachers computers as we do students. It is just as easy for a teacher click in the wrong place as a student. This in turn causes just as much internal IT work. Just my thoughts.
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    Fernand Jonker Accepted Answer
    What we typically do is set up a student and a teacher group on the CC box. The teacher group only has the adult and infected categories blocked.
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    Michael Requeny Accepted Answer
    When I said unsafe websites--I ment infected sites.
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