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How much can you save with ClearOS?
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I'd be interested to hear how ClearOS is being utilized in Africa, especially South Africa, where computer equipment is very expensive, as it has to be shipped in from places like the USA. The savings must be an order of magnitude higher than US adopters.

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    Megrain Accepted Answer
    Hi Mark
    ClearOS and its predecessor ClarkConnect is mostly used in small companies 5 - 100 users I personally have been using CC for over 4 years, the biggest challenge in South Africa is not the cost of hardware but to change the mindset of the end users. Most small companies in SA are leave that IT is a black hole and you need to spend massive amounts of money to keep it working. Most of my clients can't believe to saving once I've resolved their problems and provided them with an IT structure plan. The average cost of a System that would be able to support 50 users on ClearOS is around $1500, and then it’s a server class system and not a high-end PC. One last point I would like to point out is the fact that you said in your intro that MWeb is the "premium Internet service provider" in SA is not correct I know they joined your partner program but they are not the ideal partner as they always deal direct, their pricing is way off and they don't do custom solutions. I have been in the IT industry for over 13 years now and have been working in all levels form retail to international vendors, and to make your product a success in Africa you need 3 things. 1) A great product, easy to use and user friendly. (That you have). 2) A support structure to help with all aspects not only one or two. 3) Value added services. Most users don't want to go to different companies to different items. To be successful in SA you need to provide a full solution from the hardware to the internet connection and be honed.

    For the use of ClearOS in SA most users use it as a firewall, proxy and internet gateway because most users don't have the know how to add the extra services like email and web hosting.
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    Hendrik du Plessis Accepted Answer
    Hi Mark

    Recently I have done a firewall solution with strong focus on content-filtering with granular reporting. I had a look at various options.

    The proprietary UTM-device of choice would have been a TZ from Sonicwall or something similar. Then I started spending some quality time with Big G and found the Clear Foundation. A quick lab-test confirmed that it offers similar features (and more) compared to the Sonicwall. Naturally this represented a tremendous cost-saving for the client so we went ahead and implemented it.

    Now I don't know how the TCO of the two solutions compare in the US, but I can guess that it must be just as staggeringly different as here in SA.


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