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  • problems with clearos 7

    Hi, Community

    For about 25 days I have had problems with CLEAROS.
    On the same day as the expiration date, download the updates.
    The next day I started having problems. Packets drop for short periods and return to normal. In other words it is flashing.
    Sometimes it works well for 2 hours and a period of intermittent begins for 30 minutes and then normalizes.

    Currently I have 2 internet providers. One 200 MB fiber optic channel and another 60 MB HFC channel.

    Due to the situation of the Covid-19, the staff of the company is working from home through openVPN.

    As the inconvenience persisted, I thought the problem was in the Multi-Wan module. I decided to drop the HFC channel and drop the ethernet port. Only the fiber channel remains working. But the problem continued.

    Subsequently, I check the fiber channel connection with a different device, a tplink router and the packets are not dropped. I leave it for several hours, the internet works smoothly. But I need the VPN.
    I have also verified the packages with Ping at night, without personnel connected, assuming it was due to workload but it presents the same problem.

    Continuing with the search to find a solution, again at night, I decide to turn off and verify one by one the modules: content filter, IDS and IPS.
    But the problem persists. Even having all 3 modules turned off at the same time.

    We also thought it was a problem because our subscription expired. Already renewed. But the problem persists.

    The tplink router connects it directly to the HFC channel and over there the most critical users are entering the remote desktop. But without protection, without VPN.

    I really don't know what else to do.

    The ClearOS Business 7 is installed on an HP DL 120 G9 computer. It has 16gb of ram and an additional HP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 331T
    Adapter network card. Where the 2 channels are connected. The LAN and the ILO 4, I have them connected in the embedded ports.
    Kernel Linux is 3.10.0-1062.18.1.el7.x86_64 . Silver subscription .

    Thanks for your help .