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  • Hi All, I have bit of an issue with the clearos 7.5 installation. I have a machine with two NIC cards. I have setup the first card as DHCP with LAN, and the second with static IP and as an external interface. First NIC is not hooked up to any network physically and only the second adapter is connected to the actual network. Normally clearOS works swimmingly without any issues. But I had to install openVPN in bridge mode inorder to get access to some devices in the LAN remotely. So that means now I have two physical ethernet adapters and one bridged adapter and one tap adapter. By the way bridged adapter, tap adapter and NIC 2 (which is the external) are in bridge mode. The issue is clearOS box cannot talk to the outside world other than it is own LAN network. Which means clearOS can ping and see all the devices in the LAN but it cannot ping to any IPs outside it's own subnet. The issue is not firewall related as I have tested disabling the firewall. I have done tcpdump on openVPN listening port in the clearOS box and it can actually see packets I send from remote machines, which means even though clearOS box cannot talk to the outside world it can receive packets from outside world. I have narrowed down the issue to the route, where in the clearOS route, there is only one line which is for the local subnet and the interface is defined as the bridged adapter, if the NIC1 is connected I would normally expect to have 3 entries one for NIC 1 and one for the Bridge and one for default but in this instance I only have one entry for the bridge which is only for the local subnet. I am just wondering if someone can help me direct me how to resolve this issue. Please note that, the actual clearOS box is in a remote location in one of our sites, at the moment I am connecting to one of the machine in the site to get into the clearOS ssh so any changes I do should not kick clearOS out of the network as it would cost us to send a tech out to site.... Your input is highly appreciated... thanks