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  • I have Cubieboard2 and Cubietruck that I can easily test on. If you can build on the Centos7 image, and add to it via a specific repo we can easily jumpstart the work. Using the Gnome image would give a nice remote desktop. I have finally figured out vncserver as I explain on my web page.

    Cubies are nice because how easy the image install to sata is. I just dd to the sata via usb, then use gparted to adjust partitions as I want.

    Noarch rpms are really nice. Unless they have dependencies in EPEL that have compiled. I was burnt with that trying to get Xfce desktop going.

    I have some time next week. Then the Jewish Holidays start and I am very stressed until into the 1st week of Oct.

    So please keep me in the loop. Meanwhile I have a Zotac Zbox nano...