My Community Dashboard

  • Nick: I see those buttons now - I was looking on a 10" tablet, and the sidebars were hidden!

    Mansoor: Software Repository has no messages today. When I first installed it (yesterday) it complained that clearos-centos and clearos-centos-updates weren't enabled (so I enabled them). So perhaps the warning was related to that.

    I am quite surprised that, if those repos are important, they are not enabled by default.

    Also, it would be useful if the messages in the Events and Notifications app gave a better idea of what was wrong, and where to go to fix it. I imagined that clicking on a message would give more information, or take me to the app or log that created the message, but unfortunately not.

    If I had a better idea how the app worked, I might submit a patch. Unfortunately my reading of the source code of app-events indicates the events are stored in a database, but a as root fails to find the named file, so how it works remains a mystery.