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  • Andrew
    Andrew replied to a discussion, Status ZFS

    Hello All.
    I have been using ClearOs since v 5
    I virtualized with proxmox before the clearvm was available. I did try to use clearvm 2 years ago when I was doing a bare metal version upgrade of proxmox. However the image wouldn't boot my hardware and I stayed with proxmox and even subscribed to their updates. I did adopt ZFS for the storage and root file system of proxmox hence my interest in this thread. The main reason I use zfs is the send and receive feature along with snapshots I use for my backup strategy. It allows me to have a carbon copy of my business server ready to go, updated in one minute intervals. Each virtual disk/vm is on a zvol that can then be booted on the backup server. I do not see much benefit to supporting zfs on clearos because in a virtual machine we will be mostly using one disk or NAS. I would think clearvm would benefit from the zfs feature set.