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  • That is the guide that I've followed and derived the config files below from. I've since edited the config files again to match the sections of "Create the Headquarters Configuration" & "Create the Remote Office Configuration"

    The ClearOS 7 router for side A ( can ping across the tunnel to side B, anything and everything on side B can be reached by the router at side A ( The same goes for side B's router, it can ping across the tunnel and reach all network devices on Side A.

    I'm reading further into that guide and am not sure it talks about what I'm looking to do. The next thing I'm looking for is a device on side A (i.e. laptop, surface, desktop) to be able to ping and reach shares on side B on a server past the router on side B. ( should be able to access shares from I'm not sure the "Appendix: Alternate implicit site to site" configs are what I'm looking for, for that configuration I described above.

    Hopefully that all makes sense. Thanks!