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  • OpenVPN Site to Site network access

    Hi all,

    I recently set up an openvpn site to site configuration between two COS 7.2 machines. The connections is up, both 7.2 machines can ping each other via local LAN ip addresses and now that the routes are correct both OpenVPN machine can ping other network devices such as side B can ping the printer at side A. However the ultimate goal is for everything on Side A & B to be able to ping each other. That seems to be the one part of this that I can't quite get figured out just yet.

    I'm not sure if this something obvious and really no information about my set up is necessary or if a lot of information about my set up is necessary to be able to provide a solution. Nevertheless please let me know your thoughts and what needs to be done, I feel like it's something simple but I haven't been able to figure that out just yet.

    Thank you!