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  • If you use proxy authentication and you want to restrict the multiple login from other machine. the 'max_user_ip' ACL, this directive controls how long Squid remembers the IP addresses associated with each user. Use a small value (e.g., 60 seconds) if your users might change addresses quickly, as is the case with dialups. You might be safe using a larger value (e.g., 2 hours) in a corporate LAN environment with relatively static address assignments.

    we have to add these below four lines in squid.conf in correct place.

    authenticate_ip_ttl 300 seconds # Proxy will remember the Ip addresses associated with each user.
    acl max_user max_user_ip -s 1 #1 represents how many user can login in different machines.
    http_access deny max_user
    deny_info maxuser.htm ip_limit
    For your reference :-
    # vi /etc/squid/squid.conf
    # TAG: authenticate_ip_ttl
    # authenticate_ip_ttl 0 seconds
    authenticate_ip_ttl 300 seconds

    # TAG: acl
    # Defining an Access List

    acl max_user max_user_ip -s 1
    http_access deny max_user
    # TAG: deny_info
    # Usage: deny_info err_page_name acl
    deny_info maxuser.htm max_user
    Note :-
    Create a file in the name of maxuser.htm with your error info. The file should be copied into /etc/squid/error directory.
    Don’t forget restart the service
    Service squid restart.