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  • Patrick de Brabander wrote:

    Ben Chambers wrote:

    Where are you getting WebApp 2.2 RC from? It's not in ClearOS repos...if coming direct from Zarafa, you should post in their forums since this is not related to anything specific to ClearOS at this time, no?


    Hi Ben,

    It was my question on the post of James. Since he installed the RC1 which not worked on my ClearOS system because of the mapi rpm which is only needed on RHEL7 versions.
    The Webapp upgrade is coming from Zarafa, but is not completly isolated from the ClearOS system to my opion.
    Especiallly due the MAPI rpm, which maybe can break the ClearOS system.

    I agree with James about he plugins. This is definetly a ClearOS issue.
    You can not normaly remove the plugins. It's all or nothing.

    Patrick, the wa2.2 works on cos without issues just download rhel7 packages. Regarding clearos 6 there is a way of doing it using rhel7 Oct or something like that it let's you have a send boxed version of pop 5.6 on your server look it up on zarafa forums on the released version of webapp 2.2