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  • Patrick de Brabander wrote:

    James Joseph wrote:

    [quote]Patrick de Brabander wrote:


    Is the backup script also making a backup of the attachements ?

    Only if you configured attachments to be in the database (by default it's set to be in files which is actually better for the database).

    I recommend backing those up by either by rsync or rdiff-backup. I just do rdiff-backup for ONSITE backups as it backups up the whole server and that includes /var/lib/zarafa however if you just want to backup just the database and attachments maybe a zip or a tar.gz of the folder that's compressed to another location or backup drive.

    Would be great is this was incorperated in the autobackup script ;)[/quote]

    This is just a standard mysql backup script but I'm sure you could probably add into it to do that for you, I'm personally learning bash myself (my boss does all of our scripts) so maybe one day I might piece together my own.