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  • Looking at turnkey multi-domain email server

    I was a ClearOS NAS user from ~2013 until 2022 when I finally powered down my last home-build NAS and went with a commercial SOHO product. Not the point here, other than to say I DO have experience with ClearOS and I was a CentOS user from CentOS1 - CentOS7 on both Intel and ARM.

    I have been running my own mailserver on an ARM box since 2014 and I am at the age where it is time to stop messing around. I have looked for something off-the-shelf that would meet my multi-domain needs and am kind of focusing on iRedMail, but what RAID1 box and what flavour of CentOS (or turnkey).

    So I have pretty much decided that an HP Proliant gen10 Microserver would best fit my hardware needs. SUPPRISE! HPE is ClearOS!

    Can I thus not roll and do the OS support myself (e.g. AlmaLinux)?

    But I need a solid multi-domain email solution. that is the ONLY use for this box.

    can I run iRedMail, or will what is available in the HPE ClearOS provide what I need. For reference, here is what I have done:

    I DON'T want to do this anymore. I want to drop in mail and just admin it.