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  • @Nick,

    I deleted the symbolic links and was able to recreate this via a very long way.

    Due to the fact that bash was working anymore I needed an alternative to create this symbolic link. I found the sash executable (, which I was able to extract and make it executable.

    Due to the fact that my flexshares were still up and running I was able to get this executable in my platform without shutting down. Meanwhile my only ssh terminal session was still working although I could have done this also via my local terminal access.
    Still had to find out how to deal with the sash commands but in the end I was able to copy sash to my root and use it there to re-create the symbolic links lib->/usr/lib and lib64->/usr/lib64.

    That made my day ! Finally can access everything again.

    Hopefully this method can help someone else that makes the same mistake ;-)