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  • Hehe, thank you Marvin, have a relaxing weekend you too ;)

    Thank you for clarifying Nick. If it was your fault, then everything is forgiven ;) :) Just a little bit "stressful" day ;)

    I'm sorry for my late response Nick, I didn't have time before.
    Yes, it would be nice, that you add this in the Rescue howto, if someone also has ClearOS on a NVMe SSD. If I may ask, why the Rescue option number 1 doesn't work on NVMe SSD? Will this be repaired, or is this not possible?
    The answer to you questions is yes, I did like you described. I also used the "lsblk -f" command to see the partitions. If it makes any difference?

    I must add only one thing. Not that I didn't want to do chroot, I couldn't. It gave me an error.

    If you have any other question just ask. I hope that I will remember it correctly ;)

    Thank you for the edit. I did the update, so I'm hoping that now it will be OK if I reboot. I won't try it, until it is really necessary :P :D
    I won't add the exclude for now, thank you for telling how to do this. Just one question, if I decide to add it later. I add this right after [main] ?