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  • RAzvan
    RAzvan replied to a discussion, BUG Clear OS 7

    Only for 10 IP's , 10 stations .

    Nick . i do not understand what exactly you try to tell me .

    The DHCP is : to
    Gateway :

    The PPTP it is : - 49 - 99

    What you mean exactly ?

    Nick Howitt wrote:

    I believe a gateway of means it is locally connected, which it is, sort of, to the local LAN.

    Please can you sort out your LAN subnetting so that the ClearOS and remote LAN subnets do not overlap and the PPTP IP ranges, which can be in the ClearOS LAN subnet, do not overlap or are not in the remote LAN subnet.

    Also how many users/devices are you expecting on your LAN?